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Forum guidelines
« on: 31 Dec 18, 02:33 am »
It's helpful to have some guidelines to keep the forum positive and useful.

The very short version:
Be kind
Stay on topic

The slightly longer version:
Be kind
Stay on topic: this is a forum about cycleKarts in the UK/GB
Try and post stuff in the right place and search first to see if the subject is already being covered somewhere
No flames, insults (direct or indirect), profanities, politics, religion or discrimination
No taking offence - please assume people's intentions are good
No advertising
Please introduce yourself when you join
Please be kind to the moderators - this is run on a voluntary basis and not for profit
Have fun

Cyclekarting is a motor sport and is inherently dangerous.   All views, information, ideas and tips must be given in good faith and with best intentions, but readers must not rely on any material on this site for their own or others' safety.
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