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CyclekartsGB Logo
« on: 15 Feb 21, 12:39 pm »
I'm delighted to share the new CyclekartsGB logo, a badge and a stamp.

The logo has been developed from Geoff May's winning concept design.   Fellow cyclekarter, Andy Boulton of Sons Creative, kindly developed the concept producing all the artwork.   Generously, Andy went through several iterations working with Graham Hill and Stefan Nahajski to hone the designs to the finished logo.

There are three designs:
  • The CyclekartsGB logo which I'm sure will start to appear on posters, stickers, patches etc.
  • A badge, for when something more compact is wanted, perhaps as a radiator badge
  • The stamp, is an extra design element, to add a sprinkle of cycleKartsGB, when something more subtle is needed

The designs are black and white and can be used either white on black or black on white.
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We have full definition files for use with printers etc and hope to get those loaded soon.

Huge thanks to Geoff May for the concept, Andy Boulton for the design work and Graham Hill for review, refinement and pushing things along.
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