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Club update
« on: 24 Apr 22, 09:35 pm »
Here’s a quick update on progress with the club since the inaugural meeting.

After a COVID related delay, the committee held its first meeting near Oxford. As you can imagine, there’s a huge amount to do to set up the mechanics of a club. Importantly, we agreed our roles on the committee as follows:

Andy Boulton (Andy_B), Communications
Chris Loader (Chris L), Parts Sourcing and Quartermaster
Chris Slade (ChrisS), Treasurer and Membership
Graham Hill (Graham Hill), Secretary and Vice Chair
Jim Tanner (Jim), Events
Stefan Nahajski (StefanN), Chair

NB: Names in brackets are usernames from the forum

We also discussed budgets and membership fees which will be determined largely by the costs of the various insurances we need.   We have been able to get some quotes and are reviewing the cover they offer.

We have started the process of opening a bank account for the club. This can take a while, but once that’s complete, Chris will be sending out membership application forms and payment details.

There’s plenty more happening in the background and of course, a number of events that individuals are organising.

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Re: Club update
« Reply #1 on: 25 Apr 22, 09:55 am »
Thanks for the update Stefan.
Good to know that things are progressing so well. As you say, there is a lot to do to set the club up from scratch and there is plenty happening.
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