Author Topic: Practical Classics restoration show March 24th to 26th 2023  (Read 107 times)


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I am putting this out now to gauge interest for this event. The show is held at Birmingham NEC over the weekend towards the end of March 2023. To make this work I think at least 5 karts would be required for a stand and a number of volunteers to help man it. This is a static display to promote Cyclekarting and a chance to show off some of the gorgeous karts that have been built or could be built in time to a very large audience. A half built kart would also be good to show off components and could be stipped/built a few times over the weekend for demonstration purposes.
 The idea would be to put shifts in for people over the weekend so it wouldn't be down to a couple of folk to be there all weekend holding the fort so to speak.
 This could be a lot of fun with a few giggles, banter and plenty of tea on the stand. As Cyclekarters don't take themselves too seriously, these sort of things in the past have been a jolly easy going day.
 Please post below if your interested and any other (helpful) comments so we can get this organised in good time.  Accomodation is quite important for people travelling from far away so let us know what you want to do about that ect.

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I can be there as needed. One of the CKs currently inbuild or whatever is available. Of course mine are always built differently to others so your call if you want one.
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Yes I can help out over the weekend cheers

Graham Hill

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Count me in to help too.


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I'd like to show my kart and would be happy to volunteer. Sounds fun
I don't want to bore you all with the details, here. But if you are interested, have a look at my blog


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I should be good to help and bring either a finished, or half finished kart, depending on progress.

It's right on my doorstep, so helping with set up on the Friday is also easy.