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2022 Cyclekart World Championship
Final Results are out!!

The 2022 CKWC broke all previous records set in 2020 and 2021!!
Over 180 cyclekarts attended, spread over 40 events in 6 countries!!
Apologies go out to all the participants and fans for the delay in releasing the results.
I had hoped to get results out still in 2022, but it has become a lot tougher to keep track of everything.
Finally (after a lot of running around online looking and asking for missing information), here are some results:

The Champions and the Top 20 !!!

It was tight at the top for most of the season, with Ben Hanisko's #13 Ausitin and Joey Verpoorten's #13 DeSoto sharing the lead in "The Battle of the #13s"!!
But as we neared the later stages of the Championship, both were eventually caught and passed by Chris Loader's #1 Austin from Britain and Alejandro Ellena's #38 Ford A from Argentina.
Chris Loader's #1 Austin 7 "Malcolm Campbell Special" went on to become the 2022 Champion, and doing so with the largest victory margin to date, 11 points advantage over 2nd place!!!
And just like that, the British take the top spot at the World Championship!!
Well deserved, after another amazing year of memorable events by the British Club!!
Loader's #1 Austin is also the 2nd World Champion cyclekart, since the first 2 World Championship seasons were won consecutively by David Dupaquier's #3 Maserati 250F.

In 2nd Place finished both the American #13 Austin and the #38 Ford A from Argentina, tied with 53 points.
Rounding up this truly international Championship podium is Zac Smith's #17 Talbot-Lago in 3rd place, just 5 points behind.

The complete finishing order list is too long to post, so if your cyclekart did not make it into the Top 20 and would like to know what it's finish position was, just ask below.

In the Sub Championships:

Divers Championship: Top honors in the Drivers Championship went to Chris Loader from England, who drove (and built) his #1 Austin 7. In 2nd place however, Zac Smith was able to sneak past Ben Hanisko (USA) and Alejandro Ellena from Argentina, thanks to additional events he attended racing other people's cyclekarts. Zac Smith was almost able to surpass Loader too for the Driver's ChampionshipTitle, but fell short by just 5 points!!
Closing up the driver's podium in 3rd place are both Hanisko and Ellena, tied with 53 points.
A total of 207 drivers went on record as participants in the 2022 Cyclekart World Championship!!
If you are not listed in the Top 20 and wish to know where you finished, just ask in the comments below.

Marques Championship: This is perhaps the most fun of all Cyclekart World Championship competitions as each team is composed by all cyclekarts of their specific inspirational brand. The 2022 Marques Championship Title went, for the 2nd consecutive year, to Team Austin!! This means if you drive an Austin cyclekart, you are part of the Champion Team even if your cyclekart scored no points all year. Austin is one of the most popular cyclekart inspiration manufacturers, so its no surprise it does so well in the team event of the Cyclekart World Championship.This time however, Austin took the Title by a much smaller margin than last year!!!  Team Austin edged Team Ford by just 9 points in 2022. Back in 2021, it was a whopping 24.5 points that made the difference to Team Bugatti in 2nd place!! Will Team Austin face an even bigger challenge next year?
If your cyclekart's inspirational brand is not listed in the Top 20 and you wish to know where it finished, just ask in the comments below.

Points scorers for Champion Team Austin in 2022 were (153.5 points):
(Cyclekart Builder's name featured)

51.5 points: Ben Hanisko's #13 Austin 7 "Steve Austin Special" (USA)
43 points: Chris Loader's #1 Austin 7 "Malcolm Campbell Special" (GBR)
20 points: Martin Hill-Lonergan's #42 Austin 7 (CAN)
18 points: Graham Appleyard's #83 Austin 7 "Brooklands Special" (GBR)
8 points: Ben Terrwilliger's #7 Austin 7 (USA)
8 points: Ian Fletcher's #7a Austin 7 "Twin Cam" (GBR)
5 points: Kelly Wood's #99 Austin 7 Special (USA)

Points scorers for 2nd Place Team Ford were (143 points):

53 points: Allejandro Ellena's #38 Ford A (ARG)
39 points: Steve Vinson's #7 Fort T "Viscount Vinson" (USA)
20 points: Capt. James O'Donnell's #? Ford T Truck (AUS)
12 points: Gary O'Connor's #51 Ford A "Problem Child" (USA)
10 points: Edward Sorensen's #27 Ford T "Old 27" Truck (USA)
10 points: Szilard Urda's #71 Ford T Speedster (HUN)

Points scorers for 3rd Place Team GN were (105.5 points):

28 points: Mark Lacambra's #11 GN JAP (USA)
24 points: Sam Baird's #11 GN "ThunderBug" (USA)
16 points: Gustavo Schnidrig's #?? GN JAP (ARG)
13 points: Brian Wood's #666 GN "Dirt Devil" (CAN)
10 points: Zac Smith's #91 GN Spider (USA)
7 points: Doug Varey's #2 GN "200 Mile Racer" (USA)
3 points: Gustavo Schnidrig's #11 GN "N.R.O. 2" (ARG)

There were 94 marques competing in the 2023 Cyclekart World Championship: 66 car manufacturer brands, plus 3 cyclekart marques, and an additional 25 non-specific cyclekart builds that consequently just carry the name of the cyclekart builder.

Thanks to all the drivers, owners, builders, event promoters, everyone who attended or participated at events or helped in some way or another.

The year 2023 promises to be another busy one, with as many (if not more) events and participants than in 2022!!!

Happy New CycleKarting Year to all !!!
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Re: 2022 CycleKart World Championship - Final Results!!
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Excellent work pulling that all together Carlos.   Thank you!