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Hello to all in England!!!
Looks like your 2022 cyclekart season is about to begin!!
I'm starting this topic with the 2022 CycleKart World Championship calendar so I can post updates under it.
If you have not been following, seven CKWC events are in the books already, with four being for championship points.

No British cyclekarts are on the charts yet, but Britain is doing well already in the Marques Championship, with two manufacturers in the Top 3!!
The 2021 Champions, Austin, started on a high note and leads the board. GN is not too far behind in 3rd.

Looking forward to another entertaining year of cyclekarting from around the world!!
I hope we'll see some of the British cyclekarts in the Top 10 like last year, that was awesome!!
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Carlos Carneiro

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CKCW 2022 update (April) :

After a very lazy period where only 2 CKWC events happened in the 5 months period between November and March, no less than 5 CKWC events happened in the two week period between April 9 and 24!! In 3 different continents!!! WOW, what a jolt of action!!!
The momentum has picked up significantly, and just like that, we are up to Round 8!! A total of 46 cyclekarts are now on the 2022 CKWC points chart, and there are around 15 still missing, as the result of the 6hrs of San Juan in Argentina has not been made available yet.

Slyme Dawg's Season Opener had the most CKWC significance at this stage, as both championship leaders met again. Great weather and perfect racing conditions greeted the group at the most active cyclekart circuit in the world: Slyme Dawg Speedway!! Once the day of fun was over, the advantage stayed with Ben Hanisko's #13 Austin Seven, who left Slyme Dawg with maximum points, and extended its gap over Zac Smith's #17 Talbot-Lago from 4 points to 7 points. Two more CKWC events at Slyme Dawg this year still to come: The Iverson and the Season Ender!!

Both the #13 and #17 cyclekarts will meet again in May at the Huntsville GP, which is an event that may shake up the championship positions significantly. There are almost 50 cyclekarts entered at this year's Huntsville GP, it will no doubt be one for the history books!
This year the Huntsville GP points event will not involve racing. Instead, it will be a Concours d'Ellegance style affair, where the cyclekart and team will be judged on their attire and overall period appearance. Not sure how this will be done exactly, but with speed out of the equation, the 2 championship leaders may have a tough nut to crack at the world's biggest cyclekart event. Races are still on the program, but the Grand Prix Final has been replaced with a parade.

The 2nd points event from April was the 6hrs of San Juan in Argentina. It was the biggest and most attended event in April, but unfortunately the results have not been made public or been submitted to the CKWC yet.
Consequently none of the Argentina cyclekarts are on the charts at this point. But they are coming!!!
How will this affect the championship? Even if it turns out the 6hrs de San Juan had enough entries to be a 20 pointer, this was the first event of 2022 in Argentina, so the result will not affect the top 2 positions as the #13 Austin and the #17 Talbot both have more than 20 points currently. However, all others on the chart, will suffer some kind of shuffle once the Argentina cyclekarts are entered into the points order.

The God Save the Car event at the historic Montlhery circuit in France had 7 seven cyclekarts, It was a fun classic car meet featuring British cars at the legendary circuit. Passing showers presented a lucky unexpected bonus for the cyclekarter's delight: a wet circuit with no rain falling!!! The program this year included exhibition driving, but no competitions, and consequently was a No Points Event (NPE). This was also the 1st time the French Club had an event near Paris, and hopefully the Belgian and Dutch cyclekarters (who currently have no club or events) will join the French Club and adopt this as their event too. How cool would that be!!! And maybe a few from the British Club will cross the channel too. Best news is this event will be on again for 2023, and in 2024 promises to be a big one, as the Montlhery circuit celebrates 100th year of its historic existence!!

The other two April events, were the inaugural REDA 3hrs GP in Tulsa, USA and the 2nd Vasad Challenge in Vasad, Hungary.
Plenty of good times and good racing at both events, despite both having just 4 cyclekarts, which is 1 cyclekart short of meeting the minimum requirement to be a CKWC points event. There will be a 2nd event at Tulsa's JRP Speedway in October, which is also a great location for cyclekarters in the central USA, a region that surely needed a cyclekarting place like this. The JRP Speedway plans to have 2 events every year, so start making plans for the next one. Similar situation in Hungary, where the local cyclekart club should be having at least 1 or more events this year at the Vasad circuit!! The Hungarian Club is up to 7 cyclekarts now (there were only 3 in 2021!!!), but they have not been able to get them all together at one event yet. Maybe next time!!!

Its interesting to note that we are up to Round 8 next, and the top 5 point scoring cyclekarts from 2021 have yet to join the points chart!!! Those include the current World Champion #3 Maserati 250F, the #8 Dodge Baquet, #23 VKC Italiano, and the #1 and #83 Austin 7s. That situation will change in May with the Huntsville GP and the start of the British cyclekart season. Most, if not all the Top 5 from 2021 should join the 2022 CKWC points chart with these May events.

The 2022 CKWC has started quite differently than in the previous 2 years, looks like it will be an exciting and entertaining year to follow!!

And with that said, here are the current 2022 CKWC points charts:


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I am personally looking forward to this years event because I hope to have my 1911 Fiat (The Wee Beastie) finished, running and reliable. Its a complicated drive system so fingers crossed it works OK.
Thanks for the events calendar.
No dought Stefan will be in touch on behalf of our new club soon.

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Gentlemen, the month of May is over.
In truly international style, this update comes to you from Yelapa, a remote coastal village in Mexico only accessible by boat.
Didnt even think I'd have interenet here, but I do!!
Here are the Cyclekart World Championships' current positions in the
Cyclekarts, Marques, Engines, and Drivers charts!!!

I had a busy month, so unfortunately there was no time to write big reviews over what went on at last month's CKWC events. But the end result is that nearly 100 cyclekarts are now on the board!!! The Cyclekarts and Drivers World Championships are all very close, with lots of different machines and charaters in tight competition among the Top runners!! The exception is in the Marques Championship, where current champs Austin are again running away with it!!!
However, it is still early in the game, we are not even halfway through the season!!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen of CycleKarting,

We have reached the mid point of the 2022 CycleKart World Championship season!!!

This is already the 3rd season for the CycleKart World Championship, and every year the CKWC has welcomed more countries, more events, more participants, more fans, and the best part... more cyclekarts!!!
This year the World Championship calendar has grown to include over 40 events, spread over 4 continents, plus 2 online participation events that allow entry from anywhere in the world!!!

With 21 events down and 20 still to go, we are at the half-way point, and a picture has emerged of who the main players may be at the end in 2022..., and as it turns out, its a very different group of cyclekarts at the top in 2022 than in the 2 previous years!!!
The main noticeable difference is David Dupaquier's 2-time Champion #3 Maserati F250 is nowhere to be seen, and has yet to enter an event in 2022!!  At this point, its probably a safe bet to say the 2022 World Championship will go to a different cyclekart!!!

For now, the joust at the top has been mostly between 2 cyclekarts.
Ben Hanisko's #13 Austin Seven had been at the very top since the 1st event of the season at Laguna Seca, but Joey Verpoorten's #13 DeSoto Special had closed the gap after winning the Huntsville GP Concours D'Ellegance.
Then came the Campbell Cup in Tieton...
Both Championship leaders were in attendance and went head-to-head in a "Heats and Final" format.
In the end, the win ended up going to Mark Lacambra's #11 GN JAP, but behind it was 2nd place for the DeSoto and a 7th place for the Austin.
That result powered the DeSoto right up to the top of the 2022 CycleKart World Championship points chart!!!
Yes folks, you may have noticed that it seems no matter how the cookie crumbles, the number 13 seems to be THE lucky number to have this year!!!

But of course, there are still 20 events to go. A lot may, and probably will, change. But what is ahead?
Hanisko's #13 Austin is a regular at SlymeDawg Speedway, and there are still two World Championship events this year at the world-famous (as far as cyclekarting goes..) dirt oval track in Stanwood, Washigton.
Verpoorten's #13 DeSoto is not a regular at SlymeDawg, but... it is also located in the region.
Will the two championship contenders go head-to-head at the next CKWC event at SlymeDawg??
The 2 have met twice before this season.
At Laguna Seca, the advantage went to the #13 Austin.
At the Campbell Cup, the #13 DeSoto took that back, and then added some!!!!

But one can never get too comfortable at the CKWC, as after a 2nd place at SlymeDawg's Season Opener and 1st place at the Campbell Cup, Mark Lacambra's #11 GN JAP has climbed to 3rd place in the Championship. The #11 is also a cyclekart from the American Pacific NorthWest region, and will likely be at one or both SlymeDawg CKWC events that remain on the Calendar.
Next event at SlymeDawg is the Gregory Iverson Memorial Dirt Kup ("The Iverson"), scheduled for August 13!!!
If all the Top 3 show up, it will be a World Championship Triple-Showdown!!!

But just when you think all the focus is on the American Pacific NorthWest region, take a look at whats below those 3 in the points race.
There are 4 cyclekarts from the British Club currently in the Top 10 (with 3 of them in the Top 5!!), and they still have 3 events on their schedule!!!
Graham Appleyard's #82 Austin Seven "Brooklands Special" is no doubt a major contender!!!
Currently in 3rd place, in a tie with Lacambra's GN JAP, both with 28 points!!!
A slip (or absence) by Hanisko's Austin, Verpoorten's DeSoto, or Lacambra's GN JAP at any remaining event in their region, and the 2022 World CycleKart Championship may end up with one of the British cyclekarts!!!

Add to that there are now also 3 DIY (Do it Yourself) events on the CycleKart World Championship calendar of events, 2 of which can be done from anywhere in the world (The Corona Speed Challenge, and The Scavenger Hunt)!!!
Participation in these events can certainly be a factor in the result!!!

Attached are the updated Top 20 charts for the CycleKarts, Marques, Engines, and Drivers world Championships.
If you or your cyclekart is outside of the Top20 and you want to know your current position/points, just ask me below.

So yes, it is currently looking very much like the 2022 Champion will come from either the North-American Pacific NorthWest or British regions, but remember, we are only half way through the events calendar!!!
The 2022 World Champion cyclekart could still be lurking somewhere further down the order!!!
Stay tuned!!! This game is far from over!!!

Carlos Carneiro

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Hello Gentlemen,
Quick update on the 2022 CycleKart World Championship.
The way things are going, looks like that by September's end, one of the British cyclekarts will take the lead of the 2022 World Championship.
In fact 3 of them, the #1 Austin, #50 Bugatti, and #23 Hefling may all jump too the Top 3 positions after the Sywell Classic event, depending on how things go.
looking forward from September, the British cyclekarts have 1 more event, at DoubleHeader at Whilton Mill, likely a 20 pointer.
The Pacific NorthWest N.America region's cyclekarts have only one 10 pointer event left, so they will start run out of steam as we near the end.
Biggest challenge will come from the Argentina cyclekarts, they also have a double header event left, but theirs will have over 15 cyclekarts for sure, so it will be a 30 pointer weekend for them.
I will speculate that one of the Argentina cyclekarts may just outscore the best British challenger once every region has completed their events.
But then, there is also The Corona...
The Corona is open to anyone anywhere in the world, and has been the event that has decided the 2 previous World Championships.
The Argentina cyclekarters are not familiar with The Corona, and I doubt any will submit an entry this year.
On the other hand, the British are familiar with The Corona from last year's nail-biter Championship finish, and its looking like a few of the British cyclekarts will be in position to challenge for the Championship Title and the other Top spots with a Corona entry. Even if its a "mid-pack" Coroona entry, the points may be enough.
But its far from a sure thing, as The Corona is when the Pacific NW cyclekarts may pose an outside threat. They have historically been the fastest at this event, and will make up some of their points deficit.
But will it be enough???
In essence..., Dont miss any events!!!
Another nail-biter of a finish seems imminent!!!
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