Author Topic: Sywell Classic pistons and props 24-25 sept 2022  (Read 907 times)


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Re: Sywell Classic pistons and props 24-25 sept 2022
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If anyone has some vintage style clothing please wear it on the stand for a more vintage look. Please no shell suits and cigars. Don't forget to bring all your forms including the indemnity one.

Hi Jim
Mine won't be very movable as it is not finished. I am bringing it without axles fitted and will fit them there (it won't go through the gate with them fitted!). And my front suspension isn't on, so the nose will have to be on a block of wood. Please just tell me where you want it plonked and hopefully it can just stay in that one place all weekend.
I don't want to bore you all with the details, here. But if you are interested, have a look at my blog