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Tech Forum / Front suspension
« on: 09 Sep 22, 09:31 am »
Good morning all.

Looking at the inspiration car, it has twin trailing arms as it's front suspension, now how in the heck do I do that easily???
Let me emphasis the easily bit!!!
Any one know of an old light weight car I could rob, or can think of an simples way of achieving this?
Preferably using no more than scraps of plywood, empty sweet wrappers, and the change found down the back of the sofa!!!

Off Topic / Unknown Racetrack
« on: 10 Aug 21, 02:46 pm »
Good afternoon.

Whilst looking for information about old racetracks I came across this airfield come racetrack.
About halfway down they start talking about the motor racing!

Not heard of this one before, anyone by chance got any more information???

Off Topic / V8 model Engine
« on: 24 Jan 21, 10:51 am »
Ok Iím not suggesting trying to use one of these in a CK
But they are beautiful, and fully working miniature DFV V8

Off Topic / Trailer Help
« on: 28 Sep 20, 10:07 am »
Good morning all.

Have a slight problem and wonder if anyone has any ideas.
Need to fit a tow bar to my Toyota Corolla, the tow bars them selves are still
available, however the special wiring loom to connect to the ECU isn't, and if you could find one it would
cost more than the car. Punching a hole though some bodywork with some 7 core
wire and doing it the old fashioned way doesn't work the ECU goes nuts
and fries itself.
Any ideas, inspiration, really don't want to buy a different car as I like my Corolla.
But using the car I've used in the past to get to events isn't going to be an option any more.

Thanks in advance.

Tech Forum / Routing help
« on: 14 Sep 20, 12:48 pm »
Good afternoon all.

Now I'm fine routing a Circle or parts there of, I have my homemade jig made up, but I need to rout a Ellipse!
I know how to draw one, with string and two pins/nails but is there a way of creating something to allow me to rout an Ellipse?
Any help much appreciated.

Events / A few observations from Tuesdays event
« on: 14 Aug 20, 11:14 am »
Gentlemen, while good fun was had at Tuesdays event there was a few things that I think require
at least acknowledging and consideration of how they might be avoided in the future.
I have been encouraged to write this after talking to one of our CK'ers.
Please note, names are not mentioned deliberately other than mine...because I was an idiot!

Firstly, refuelling.

I saw one case where two people were working together to refuel a CK, no fire extinguisher was evident, and even if there was one present, both people were occupied with the act of refuelling.
Conclusion, there should be a fire extinguisher at each refuelling, and if it takes two people to refuel a CK, a third is required to be ready with the safety device.

The second case, I was involved in myself (promptly shoots myself in the foot) three people were stood at a CK, it was about to be refuelled, one person said shall I get a F/E and I said 'Na it's ok, there's three of us everyone will assume one of us has it'
Clearly I'm an idiot, and conclusion the more people stood around a CK being refuelled the more people can get burned! Get the bloody safety gear! Yes let me award myself Donut of the year for that one!

Also I can't help wondering if we shouldn't just all donate a couple of quid each, rather than relying on peoples good will to bring a F/E and just buy one or two, and also maybe a bloody great first aid box?

It was also suggested by a CK'er if maybe we should have at each event a specific refuelling station, with the safety gear set up? Thoughts?

Driving and overtaking.

Couple of observations.
First a near miss, I was following a CK, we entered the main straight and I was kindly waved through, however despite being on the loud pedal I had only just got my front wheels to the rear of the front CK when quite justifiably having not been overtaken despite not being on the gas pedal he went to take his line. This manoeuvre almost sent me into the barriers.

Secondly, a chain of CK's went past one at the 'bottom hair pin' this in itself was fine, however the last CK in the chain rear wheel touched the front wheel of the CK being past. I feel wheels touching in these machines is a 'never happen' event. Space must be given at all time.

A few thoughts re overtaking, in the case were the car in front gives way.

From my experience, the best/safest place at Stretton is the bottom hairpin, the CK giving way can just take a wider line, waving the following through on the inside. I have done this both the letting through and the being let through on many occasions with no problems.
Trying to let people pass on the straight is not so easy. the best place I have found is (when going clockwise) the wonky straight just after the bottom hairpin where the road is very wide. Unfortunately this is where the wheels touched on Tues I believe.
On the main straight (again in the clockwise direction)this has worked best when the CK giving way goes to the left, and the passing car stays right.

Also I think we should consider when going past that each CK can get very squirrely at the best of times and allowance made for fronts understeering and tails oversteering.
And finally looking over your shoulders should be happening a lot more, especially if changing line/following a CK/being followed by a CK. I don't think any of us has working mirrors, if you are driving so hard you can't look over your shoulder, you are driving to hard.

Please no one take offence, or let this go into a he said she said type argument, accidents can and will happen, when they do or nearly do the important thing is to learn from them. Suggestions and thoughts as to how we can improve safety are welcomed and encouraged.

Moderators please feel free to edit this to your harts content.
Sorry to everyone else if this has been a bit waffly.

Tech Forum / Cir clip help
« on: 11 Jul 20, 08:50 am »
Can anyone help...!
I've lost the Cir clip on the driven unit of the TAV 2 torque convertor.
Has anyone got one, happy to pay, Gemini aren't answering the phone
and I need for Stretton!

Thanks in advance


Tech Forum / Brakable chain kink
« on: 16 Jun 20, 11:22 am »
Good morning all.

As we all know the CK's use chain drive, and each chain has a breakable link, which can be a real pain to ping that darn little spring plate bit off.
What I found makes life much easier is
take a cheep pair of needle nosed pliers and remove approx. 2mm from one end only, now it can fit on straight giving more force and not angled to the spring plate making life a little easier and less likely to slip off.

Build journals / Vauxhall TT 1922
« on: 28 Apr 20, 12:15 pm »
During a visit to Brookland museum, one of the reasons for going was for Xanthus to choose an inspiration car to base his CK on.
Well after spending several hours looking around, with a few possible we went to lunch and in the restraint, Xan saw it, the red Vauxhall 1922 TT, as soon as he saw it he was hooked, the twin scuttle humps, with all those gauges and dials! And then there were those twin flutes down the bonnet, I took one look and went how the heck we going to do that!!! 'Oh but Dad' was the helpful reply.

Well we like a challenge! Honest! Really!

Ok having previously used the Stephenson method successfully we choose to do the same, with one exception I got offered a crash damaged moped that I couldn't turn down so the engine will be a 125cc single cylinder, rather than the usual GX200. And hopefully I'll be able to strip one or two other parts off of it, saving on costs.

Pictures to follow...

Build journals / Maserati 750 V8
« on: 28 Apr 20, 12:00 pm »
OK not exactly a build dairy, but a few details of how, why, and maybes some pretty photos if I can get it to work!!!

Firstly why this particular car, well I personally like the more aerodynamic shapes of the 1930's cars, and the challenge of the more complex shapes...however this is not necessarily the sensible option if you want a quick build.
Also it's a V8 in a see of straight 6's and 8's, it looks so cool with a pair of pipes one down each side!

The first thing to decide was some dimensions, wheel base decides all lot and is listed as a maximum of 66", mine is 63". It should be noted the rules are very much spirit of, if you choose an inspiration car that had a ridiculously long wheelbase or engine compartment that's fine to go over the allowed, if however you did it just to improve say straight line stability...shame on you! IMHO the most important dimension is the waist bulkhead, build it bigger height wise than you think you can get away with, it so affects the ease with which you can get in, and get out. It's worth mentioning, when calculating dimensions, be prepared to fudge things a bit, well actually a lot, base in mind the simple plan to shrink the car hits a problem as soon as you cant shrink the driver, trust me I've been trying to shrink myself for years! So to make some room I removed the scuttle area this bought me several useful inch's and so far no one has noticed.
The other thing to base in mind when scaling is take a thing from model railways, the track can be a different scale to the train, so in CK terms the height can be one scale, the length another, capture the spirit and character is far more important than scales acreate to 1/100000 of a mm.

Method of construction, the main structure is a plywood monocoque or if that scale you a bit, a box, yup a simple box. bulkheads of which there are 4 are 12mm plywood, the sides, base, and top are 6mm ply. With some 16 x 38 PB where they join. They were joined together with screws and Evostick waterproof wood adhesive, good stuff that is.This is then wrapped in fibreglass bonded with epoxy resin. Why you might ask epoxy as it's dearer, well personally polyester resin causes me breathing problems so really wasn't an option, and the designer in me likes that's weight for weight Epoxy comes in a little bit stronger. Please also note a small number of people can have reactions to epoxy, so if your are doing this for the first time whatever type of resin you are using do it outside in fresh air and be prepared to back away in a hurry.
For the curves of the top of the front I cut what felt like hundreds of stripes of 6mm ply approx. 7/8th running down to 5/ would have been nice to have had access to a band saw for this and with hindsight probably using flexi ply, or Rhys's method of bending ply would have been significantly quicker.
The rather complex shape of the nose was created by first making some thin plywood formers, IIRC about a dozen, these were hot glue gunned to the front bulkhead, and the space between stuffed with polystyrene, which was then attached with first a rasp and the sand papered. Please not when working with polystyrene if you have several layers do not glue them together as the glue lines sand at a different rate to the polystyrene itself and will not end up smooth. One other thing Epoxy is safe with polystyrene, polyester attacks it.

So if you've got this far you have a lightweight box, that you need to attached things to, so two lengths of 3 x 1 steel were ordered and bolted to the box, where possible use threaded rod so you can go across the whole of the CK, that way any shock loads on one side are shared with the other reducing their effect. Front suspension attached, engine mount at the back, paint and you have your self a working CK.

Pictures to follow...

Events / Article in the Parish Magazine
« on: 01 Mar 20, 02:45 pm »
Good afternoon all.

Here is the article I submitted for my local Parish Magazine, unfortunately they edited out the website contacts...Doh! But they did edit my spelling mistakes, so it's not all bad :-) There was also some photo which don't seem to want to transfer over here...but they looked good, even printing them in Colour when they told me they wouldn't due to cost, I guess we are worth it!!!

Itís Hardly Formula 1

High speed, and high adrenaline isnít what you usually associate with Thorpe le Soken, well apart from when on a school run down Landermere Road, or along the High Street.

However in this rather quaint and lovely village, something stirred, the strange put put put noise of a single cylinder engine was heard, yes we have one of the few but growing number of CycleKarts in GB...what is a CycleKart I hear you ask, well they started in America by a gentleman called Stephenson back in the 1980ís, you base it on a pre 1950ís car, now unlike Formula 1 or infact many formulas of racing our rules are more guidelines and take up one side of A4, well if spaced out quite a bit, and they are cheap and simple to build. All this for less than the cost of an F1 oil change or steering wheel!

They are limited to max wheelbase of 66Ē, run on Honda CT90 17Ē wheel or pit bike equiv, no rear suspension, a pair of leaf springs for the front, and usually in the back use a stonking great GX200 6.5hp single cylinder engine...I know 6.5 HP you are wondering how on earth you can have fun with that, well very easily in fact. But if you need the excitement/expense of tinkering with an engine you are allowed to go to stage 1 mods...reaching the dizzy heights of 9.5 - 10 HP! It might be worth noting none of us have actually felt the need to do that yet. Itís worth building one of these, even if just for the experience, fun and new skills you can learn along the way.
Because of the narrowness of the tyres we are grip limited rather than power limited. Top speed, somewhere around 40 - 50 MPH, but...and this is the important are having too much fun to worry about what speed you are doing, you are hanging on every inch of the way, even the straights can be interesting! Once people have tried them they canít help smiling.

You choose an inspiration car, something you want to recreate, some produce miniature works of art, some of us, me included produce something that looks right from a distance, in my case about 12 foot away! Mine is based on a Maserati 750 V8, we have no engine management, no anti lock brakes, no this and no that, nor other stuff  that's complex and doesnít add to the fun. When people dare to try these machines, to start with they are all full of suggestions on how to improve them, once they have actually driven one, their smile is big enough to see despite a full face crash helmet, and realise they donít need any improvements.

So far we CKís inspired by Austin, Bentley, Bugatti, ERA, MG, Maserati, Morgan, Wollsey, in fact the Wollsey has been made road legal. With also Delarge, Dodge, and Vauxhall soon to be finished.

In building this beast of a machine, thanks should go to Jane for generally putting up with such things as using the dining room table to construct stuff, and adhesive on the patio slabs. Anna and Lee for letting me use their paddock for shake down test runs, Richard for endless suggestions and morale boosting, and helping with the fiberglassing. Xanthus for his endless enthusiasm. And also Mark for welding, and Stretton go kart track for letting us play there.

Any questions, please donít hesitate to ask, or have a look at the website
There is also an international website

Off Topic / Suggestions required
« on: 24 Jan 20, 10:55 am »
Good morning all,

I'm writing a small article for my local parish magazine about the CK I built and CK's in general, it only has a audience of a few hundred but what the hell.
Any suggestions as to what I should include, or that people think I should mention?
So far I it's built, what I built, brief outline of rules, Stretton, this website, the international website, and the fun it is. Emphasis on the fun. Oh and some pictures.

So what have I missed, what should I include, any must do suggestions?

Thanks in advance. 

Tech Forum / Stretton are you clockwise or anti?
« on: 20 Dec 19, 12:13 pm »
Good morning, whilst at our last event at Stretton I spoke to a couple of people and am now interested in everyone else's opinion.

Which way round do people prefer to drive at Stretton, and why? The last time we were there we drove it anti clockwise

Personally I prefer clockwise, for me it flows better, the flick through the first corner with tyres squeeking, the drop down to the bottom hairpin and keeping as much momentum as possible through it, and then keeping the foot in until the tight 's' bends despite getting loose through the corners. Oh joy :-)

So what's others opinions? Has the Tribble got it wrong?

Off Topic / Inspirational video
« on: 07 Oct 19, 11:42 am »
Just seen this on a f/book group, someone might get inspired or just plain enjoy it :-)

Where to get stuff / Improved Exhaust
« on: 03 Sep 19, 07:28 pm »
Mostly for Graham...
This is where I got my improved exhaust from...

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