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Events / Race the Waves 2024 - May 9th to 12th
« on: 01 Jun 23, 08:31 am »
Good morning all.
I have been in touch with the organiser of this event in Bridlington for next year and they are keen on having us to participate, as we fit the ethos of what they are trying to achieve, with initial thoughts of having a circuit for lunchtime entertainment each day on the beach and possibly 1/8th mile drags.
This is early days planning and a gauge of interest so if it tickles your taste-buds please indicate that you are considering it below.
The event had some 80,000 people participating and watching this year in April and accommodation for next year is getting pretty booked up already in the hotels around town. Sounds like a good do! As we say up north.
Camping is available at a discount at the recommended campsite, by using the 15% discount code RACE15 (valid until 31st July 2023)
You can reserve a pitch for a £10. If you book until the Sunday, extensions to the stay until 5pm may be available subject to demand.
As I said at the start, this is early stage planning so watch this space for updates, it should be a great event with some excellent feedback received from people I know who attended this year.

A short video I said I would do to Noel to explain the thought behind the four slots in the pit bike spinner base... (Noel if you want to put a link in the design, it might help?)

Tech Forum / DIY rack
« on: 17 Feb 23, 05:27 pm »
This is experimental, not fully proven and for discussion only.
The steering on the BSA is Pitman arm, and while some might find this system absolutely fine, I find it twitchy at speed and hard work in tight corners. My arms have got used to power steering and if I lose a little road feel, I can cope with that.
I have been trying various solutions with in - line planetary gears and not having any faith in the results enough to take the idea forwards. Too much lash and, not enough connection options have made me kick that idea into the long grass.
So, try to build a rack.
I saw a video from an American (I think) fellow who has a good deal of skill with metal (1908 rick) Rick Eggers? I think who made a rack from scratch for his kart. I don't have access to high precision tools (eyes can't pop a centre to less than 0.3mm anymore either) so I improvised around his design to allow for poor tolerances with shims. Anyway, here is a short video of it so far.
Comments please.

Off Topic / puzzle corner
« on: 07 Feb 23, 09:45 am »
A very CKGB crossword

Tech Forum / Playing around with a rear axle
« on: 26 Jan 23, 09:38 am »
Morning all.
This is a short video of me playing around with a design for a rear axle.
The reason I am posting it is because, like all things, it is probably not new and, therefore, if someone has had a go at this before, you can point out the pitfalls of the design. All comments welcome, positive or negative.  :) (I always miss something)

Tech Forum / Redbeards Garage, Road to horsepower.
« on: 15 Jan 23, 08:15 am »
Morning all.
I thought this might be of interest to the CycleKart community as it has more information than anything I have seen so far on building engines to create more power.
We have a limit on the power we can produce. This is something I agree with totally.

Having said that, very little actual data is out there as to what performance tweak does what, and, how that relates to real life drive-ability of a CycleKart or any vehicle. (that I can find - a lot of anecdotal stuff, but few real numbers)

These new videos from Redbeards garage actually put real figures to tweaks tested both on a dyno and on a minibike.

They have interesting results (such as a silencer attached to a header added power!, A billet flywheel with advanced timing reduced power, especially at lower revs, carbs make the biggest difference)

I think these videos would be helpful as, ideally we need to reach a drive-able 10hp limit with the power and torque in a usable range while not blowing the budget or the engine

I will link the first one, the others follow and he has yet (to press) to release more in the series.

Tell me your thoughts please.

Tech Forum / Lathe advice and new tool time!
« on: 09 Dec 22, 07:10 am »
Morning all and seasons greetings!
Just scored some beautiful small cast iron axle stands from Marketplace and four chassis punches for a tenner all in. Whilst collecting these, the vendor was starting to clean up a Clarke CL430 metal lathe for sale. They didn't put a price on it but it looked well looked after. (they are downsizing and need to move soon)
Has anyone got any experience with this machine and its value (or otherwise) they would like to share?

Tech Forum / Engine position
« on: 05 Oct 22, 08:45 am »
Just tinkering with a design for a potential CycleKart and put the following together (see vid) Has anyone gone this route with a TAV2 30 and are clearance issues just on the fins or am I missing something??? I would re position the tank.

Tech Forum / CDI ignition
« on: 30 Sep 22, 11:42 am »
Morning all, and here I go again experimenting.

This is a winter project for me on the engine.
The aim is to widen the power band of the engine by having self advancing timing as the revs build, Like most motor vehicles.
Peak power should not be effected as our engines are designed stock to only produce peak power at about 3500 revs.
Quite a few people add 40 of advance by filing the key. I have not. Doing this shifts the peak power up the rev range.

with a 7:1 gearing plus TAV overdrive at 1:1, 6000 revs would give approximately 60mph!!! on a 17" wheel + tyre so our rev range for power is probably best low down, and ideally over as wide a band as possible. If I were a Kart with small wheels, filing the key would be a great advantage where I needed it as the gearing is lower. As we state 35mph as an aim for the CycleKarts, having a wide band of power around 3500 revs should be the aim.
I have come across a fellow  in Canada who is producing basic CDI kits for our engines and persuaded him to ship me one.
If it works it should put less stress on the engine, have a better fuel economy, a wider power band, wider torque band and be easy to start.

These things are quite new and the fellow is a small business trying to establish a market. It is an experiment and I may go back to stock if it doesn't work out. If I were you and you were thinking of giving it a go, I would let me spend the small amount of cash on it first and see how it works out.
Thoughts please

Tech Forum / Safe-D-Speeder planetary gear?
« on: 18 Sep 22, 09:37 am »
Morning all,
what is the group think about using this...

In line in the steering column with a pitman arm steering set up to reduce effort. It has a four to one ratio so would give about one and a half turns lock to lock.
I do not intend to use this if the Pitman arm set up is to my liking when I manage to get some track time, but it is another option other than using a rack?
The Safe-D-Speeder was a thing before variable speed drills to use with masonry bits at lower speed and higher torque.
Answers and thoughts please.

Off Topic / What can I do with this...
« on: 11 Sep 22, 12:57 pm »
So, I have acquired this. I know exactly what you are thinking, and yes it was possibly just more junk but here it is. A frame from an aluminium scaffold staging rated to 250kg, 20" wide, 61" ish hook to hook, not twisted or dinged, fairly lightweight and possibly, just possibly adaptable to chassis material. Rails are about 3" by 2".
Semi elliptical springs on the front would give me the wheelbase or there-about.

It's time to employ group think. Let your thoughts run freely please, no such thing as a bad idea, they are just starting points for improvement.

What would you do with it and where would it lead you in terms of inspiration car?

Where to get stuff / TAV clone U.K. vendor
« on: 17 Jul 22, 12:54 pm »
Noticed that Hutt imports are selling these, don't know how good they are but available and reasonable.

Tech Forum / Reverse from YouTube feed
« on: 26 Jun 22, 05:47 pm »
Got this in my feed today...
Simple reverse if you have a battery

Tech Forum / oil
« on: 22 May 22, 10:59 am »
I am in a bit of a quandary regarding the subject of oil.
 Cut price racing in Australia says this...
Yet the GX tuning store seems to recommend them.

What are your thoughts?

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