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Off Topic / CKGB T shirts
« on: 08 Apr 23, 09:11 am »
Andy B tried the link to the merch people on the website and ordered a couple of items. I tried an XL t shirt which was slightly big on me. Which when you consider I have the frame of a racing snake lol, it was ok. I thought the print was good and not too heavy. Anyways up here are some photos of me modelling it. I'll be on the cover of Vogue next week so get your orders in quick.

Events / East Midlands Steam and Country Show.
« on: 23 Mar 23, 05:20 am »
A couple of us are taking our CK's to this show at the end of April and will be promoting the CKGB. There may be a possibility of some demo's in the arena but not confirmed yet. There is loads going on and good beer tent selling gorgeous pints of frothy ale.
see link below. (if it works)

Events / The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 21 Mar 23, 04:42 am »
Star and Garter Charity Cyclekart Grand Prix
The Star and Garter Pub, Chelveston, Northants. NN9 6AJ                                         
Saturday/Sunday 10th/11th June 2023

Dear Member.
You are invited to the CKGBs’ first ever off road driving event. It’s going to be A great day of Racing your Cyclekart on a mud surface that has been prepared/graded which should allow a bit of rear end sliding fun.  Along with the races will be some driving challenges such as a sprint (Maybug) and Slalom.

 The cost is £40 per driver and £10 of that will go to the Air Ambulance Charity.

It would be appreciated if people could come on the Saturday from 11am and help set up the track ect, and if you want to stay there is camping at the far end of the field. Other accommodation is available nearby and there’s a B&B across the road from the pub called Middle Farm Villa.

On the Saturday evening we’ll likely have a social gathering/bit of a party with food and a few drinks either at the camp area or in the pub. There is also a possibility of some entertainment from a very good covers band.

Sunday is race day so hopefully the hangovers aren’t too bad.

The approximate itinerary for Sunday will possibly be like below.
9am Arrive and unload CKs’
9.30 Drivers briefing and signing on for all drivers/marshals.
10-10.30am Track opens for practice.
10.45-11.30am Maybug Medal sprint and grid positions for Heat 1
11.45am-12.05pm Heat 1
12.30-12.50pm Heat 2 reverse grid of results from heat 1.
The Pub does great food with a roast on Sundays and “weather pending” a BBQ  on the Day. This can be pre booked a couple of days before the event to see if the weather will be kind enough for a BBQ as food will need to ordered by the pub on the Wednesday before. If a BBQ does happen there may be a chance of a food voucher for drivers.
1.50-2.20pm Slalom
2.30-2.50pm Heat 3
3pm-3.40pm Grand Prix Final
3.45-4.15pm free practice
4.30 Presentations on Podium.

If you wish to participate, Please register interest in the first instance with a message on here or to the committee and an application form will be sent to you with payment instructions. All drivers will be required to fill out there personal and CK details. There will be a commentator on the day so please add some interesting facts/lies to the form also. This only for fun so nothing too technical is needed.
Please remember to bring your Nora Licence and CKGB membership card when signing on at the briefing. You won’t be allowed on track if you don’t attend the briefing.

We look forward to seeing you,
Regards, CKGB events.

Please see pdf below for track layout.
[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

Off Topic / Adrians Renault CK
« on: 04 Mar 23, 05:58 am »
After the fire in Adrian's workshop, he wasn't allowed back in because of safety reasons and it wasn't made very secure. Well, some thieving ratbag has stolen his Renault Cyclekart. If anyone is offered any parts from it please contact the police and Adrian.

Off Topic / Shuttleworth
« on: 16 Nov 22, 11:38 am »
Here is a video of Shuttleworth race day 2022. No Cyclekarts........yet.

Off Topic / Knee Replacement.
« on: 09 Aug 22, 02:17 pm »
I had to see the doctor recently about my slightly worn knee and he said I can have a replacement in two weeks. The NHS is the greatest  organisation and so well run to be able to give such a quick service but it will stop me going to the Lundy Flyers event so I said no. I will re-schedule it at my own convenience.

Events / Whilton Mill Endurance Race, Tues 25th Oct 2022
« on: 19 Jul 22, 11:57 am »
I have booked Whilton Mill small kart circuit for 25th oct 2022 between 9am and 4pm for a couple of 2hr endurance races. There will a practice of 1hr till 10am and the 1st race will start at 10.30 till 12.30. Then Lunch. The second heat will be 1.45 till 3.45 and followed by a presentation. A minimum of two drivers per car and a maximum of 4. The cost is £80 per team(only £20 per driver if you have 4, so a real bargain). Please put your team name and amount of drivers down asap if you want to go. Ideally by 23/07/2022.
We can skip lunch if people would rather do the whole race in one hit, again let me know by posting on here.
 Team names can be anything you like within reason.
 we can get transponders to count the laps, best lap time and last lap time ect.
 It's gonna be a fantastic day with first class facilities at the circuit.
Teams get your name down now!!!

I am putting this out now to gauge interest for this event. The show is held at Birmingham NEC over the weekend towards the end of March 2023. To make this work I think at least 5 karts would be required for a stand and a number of volunteers to help man it. This is a static display to promote Cyclekarting and a chance to show off some of the gorgeous karts that have been built or could be built in time to a very large audience. A half built kart would also be good to show off components and could be stipped/built a few times over the weekend for demonstration purposes.
 The idea would be to put shifts in for people over the weekend so it wouldn't be down to a couple of folk to be there all weekend holding the fort so to speak.
 This could be a lot of fun with a few giggles, banter and plenty of tea on the stand. As Cyclekarters don't take themselves too seriously, these sort of things in the past have been a jolly easy going day.
 Please post below if your interested and any other (helpful) comments so we can get this organised in good time.  Accomodation is quite important for people travelling from far away so let us know what you want to do about that ect.

Off Topic / Round the Houses
« on: 21 May 22, 09:26 am »
If anyone on here is involved with their local council can you have a word to get something like this organised. ;D

Events / Haynes Motor Museum. June 8th
« on: 17 May 22, 08:08 pm »
The Kart track at Haynes Motor Museum is open for Cyclekarters on Wednesday the 8th of june. We have the great little track for the whole day and if enough people can come along it could be pretty cheap. There is a very nice cafe in the museum for lunch ect. We had a great day last year with a nice relaxed atmosphere. There is accommodation locally at the Sparkford inn. A few of us have stayed there before and it's ok. Please let us know on here if your interested so we can get an idea of numbers.

Events / Red Lodge Practice day Wed May 4th
« on: 27 Apr 22, 06:04 am »
Duncan has booked the Red Lodge kart track, Bury St Edmunds IP28 8LE for the morning of Wed 4th May.
Cost is £48 and the times are 10 till 1.
This is a great track design and the size is good for CKs. Please put your name down if you want to go.

Events / Woodford Vintage Festival May 21st and 22nd
« on: 22 Apr 22, 05:57 am »
I am taking my CK to the Woodford Vintage Festival on May 21st. I shall camp over night on the Sat to watch the bands and have a few beers. If anyone else is interested I have some exhibitor application forms coming in the post, so let me know on here. I don't think this is an event where we can get drunk and donut our karts around the field though.

Events / Red Lodge Practice Day Wed April 27th
« on: 06 Apr 22, 05:54 am »
Duncan has booked a practice day at Red Lodge, Bury St Edmunds IP28 8LE for Wed 27th April. £65 for the day and £42 for half. Please put your name down if your interested.

Where to get stuff / Rear Hubs
« on: 06 Mar 22, 06:59 am »
Hopefully this link to ebay will work and show the Hubs I like which have two clamp bolts and two grub screws on top of the key. They should help the key from falling out and provide a bit more grip to stop the hub from sliding along the axle.
These hubs fit the plates I made for the pit bike wheels from fun bikes.

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