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Events / Southern / South West Monthly Meet Up
« on: 10 Apr 23, 01:31 pm »
Hi All,
We are looking at a Possible Roving
Monthly Builders Meet/ chat/ catch up down Sarf (All Welcome , Of Course ) .
To help encourage new and existing builders , exchange ideas etc. Especially useful to those who haven't yet been to any CK events.
  The thinking is; there is now a strong Nucleus of forum members in this area ; Somerset. Dorset. Devon. Wiltshire etc

First meet up , Hankridge Arms. Taunton.TA1 2LR. 7pm Wednesday 26th April .

Could also be hosted at Builders workshops/garage. Long as there is a kettle ...or beer LOL.

What do you think ? Happy for all thoughts .....good and otherwise  ;D

New 40 Pitch Chain. (96 pin, 123cm long) with joining link.

New 40 pitch; 50 Tooth Large Sprocket . (has storage discolouration) see pic.

New 40 pitch; 10 tooth CVT TAV Sprocket.  £20 the lot.

Can bring them to Gaydon on Saturday.

For sale and wanted / Kart seat
« on: 28 Feb 23, 04:16 pm »
Hi, Anyone interested in a Large Kart Seat, New. 38 cm wide at its Narrowest point; Hips. 

They make pretty good CK seats . Plus very Light.

I have enclosed couple of pics of how i adapt them to fit . ie cut off and shape excess GRP.

I can bring it to Gaydon , March 4th , if it helps . looking for £20

Chris L

At Sywell,  we as a club were invited to the Historic Rally Festival at Weston Park . Shropshire.

 It's a celebration of Historic Rally cars from the 60's to 2009. (So if you like your Escorts and Audi's ) .
Live Rally Stage. Action doesn't start until 5pm Saturday. Plus evening fireworks /Music, Food and drink.

Free entry  (with CycleKart) and camping as an exhibitor .  Contact Darren or Myself for entry form.   

My Sevens gettin "Jiggy with it"   

 ;DI have , Excess to requirements :
 New 40 pitch Chain . (96 Pin. 123cm long ) With joining link.
New 50 tooth and 10 tooth CVT TAV 2 Sprocket . 

£20 or possibly separate

Can bring them to Cranleigh show this Weekend (14th Aug) or Saunton Sands (Lundy Flyers) in September , If it helps .

Ideal Replacements , if chain gets clogged with sand at Lundy Flyers Event , September.

Chris L

Events / Haynes Motor Museum Kart Track Event 25th July
« on: 06 Jun 22, 09:04 pm »
We have been offered another date Monday 25th July , by South West Karting at Haynes Museum . Sparkford . (between Yeovil and Wincanton, Somerset)

Unfortunately this was the only date available with them between now and September.  Realise this may be tricky with Holidays etc.

Therefore we could do with knowing numbers by Friday 10th June please, to confirm booking with Haynes.

Thanks All

Hi All ,  It was briefly talked about hosting a South/South west builders meeting earlier this year (July) in the Off Topic section of this forum, if you wanted it. 
As we (drivers/Cyclekart's) have a good number coming to Haynes , it makes sense to hold it there, as it's a full day event , starting at 10 - 5pm.   We can do an official  question and answer session after lunch in the restaurant if required. Plus feel free to ask questions anytime during the day.

Chris L

Off Topic / Green, plastic Kart cover lost
« on: 31 Aug 21, 04:31 pm »
What a great time we all had at Grimsthorpe. Thank you all.
 These last two events are definitely going to be hard to beat or even match,  !! 
  Have just unloaded my van and put away all the gear.  Was wondering if anyone has picked up or saw a green plastic Tarp/Kart cover in a clear bag with spring clips in it .
Initially it went into Simon G's van to hide away any non period looking items , from the Vintage Garage/Pit Area, but he doesn't have it.
Chris L

Off Topic / Archive Grimsthorpe
« on: 20 Aug 21, 11:26 pm »
Was looking through some past Grimsthorpe Speed trial events, saw this these two little beauties.

Guess this is somewhat self indulgent for Peter L and myself .....and other A Seven single seater fans.

Hoping it's their next week.  :)

Looking forward to being there .  Great for CK GB  . Well done those behind the scenes for organising .

Definitely turning out to be a great year for us

Chris L

Events / Southerly and South West; Builders meeting
« on: 23 Jul 21, 05:38 pm »
As we are gaining new members all the time and some of you are based in the South/South west, Would you be interested in  a meet up /general chat; about builds in progress/ future builds/ finished Ck (for those that have), New venues to try  etc.
I can bring my Austin along if it helps .

This was really on the back of Wed 21st July Trackday meet at Castle Combe Kart circuit, near Chippenham. We had several local very interested visitors , which was great , good to meet you guys. 
Plus other New members on this forum (living in the South/South west) this year have asked the question  are any events local to them .
This meeting or meetings would be open to all members , of course .

We do have another CycleKart event coming up , in the South; Brooklands August 7th Saturday, Plus in the South west; Haynes Museum Karting Circuit, Sparkford.  (end Sept, beginning of October) date TBC shortly.

I am based 15 miles from Taunton , (towards the coast) Between Chard/ Ilminster.

My mobile 07818080803 . Chris L

Off Topic / Flying the flag
« on: 05 Jun 21, 09:30 pm »
Spot the Sticker ......Flying the Flag.  Thanks Stefan

Off Topic / Weighing our CK
« on: 15 Apr 21, 09:42 pm »
This may seem like a silly question , but what methods are being used to weigh our Ckarts ?

Bathroom scales at each end Sat under planks across the Axle (or under wheels), making sure Kart is level , Add together ?

Tech Forum / Fitting Tyres n Tubes
« on: 14 Feb 21, 10:03 pm »
Not sure if this has been covered before , But came to fit tyres n tubes today  (first time on motorbike wheels ) , usually doing them on my road bikes.
 Anyway ; two nuts on the Inner tube valve ;  One either side of the rim or both on the outside, just leaving profiled washer inside the rim  ?

Chris L

Thought about time i entered my inspiration vehicle on here. 

The advice seems to be go for something straight forward , for your first CK.

The ever so humble but brilliant little Austin Seven fits the bill...for me anyway.
It was going to be the Red Mclaren Seven , but then i realised Steve Cole had already done it , so looked further and found the Class H car of
Sir Malcolm Campbell , which achieved 94.06 mph at Daytona beach.

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