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Off Topic / Re: Electrolysis Rust Removal
« on: 22 Jan 23, 11:06 pm »
Highly recommended...Ive been using this process for a while for old stilsons etc and lately cylinder heads & manifolds. I follow up by a pressure wash and finish with wire brushes in a drill. Its a bit of dirty of work but worth it, cheap too. Im looking for a drum big enough for a V8 block !

Tech Forum / Re: CDI ignition
« on: 12 Jan 23, 09:21 am »
Interested to see where this goes Jim, thanks for explaining it. I put CDI on my hard to start V8 and it transformed it, instant start, smoother idle and instant response when you floor it !

Team Italiano will have a spare place Stefan.

Fabulous, looks very low key and loads of fun. How many runs did you get in ?

Book me in for a team of 3, subject to this being 1/2 term week. team name is undecided atm as my suggestions are usually inappropriate...along the lines of Norfolk & Chance etc

Where to get stuff / Re: TAV clone U.K. vendor
« on: 17 Jul 22, 06:44 pm »
Thanks Jim, been looking for a spare belt for a while and oops.... a TAV fell in my basket !

Off Topic / Re: Surface grinder !!
« on: 21 Apr 22, 09:00 am »
That would be very helpful Jim, if you can pm me your address ill post to you. Cheers fella.

Off Topic / Surface grinder !!
« on: 20 Apr 22, 04:26 pm »
For my sins I've been working on a triumph stag. Rebuilt the heads, chains etc. Runs fine but noisy tappets after a short "running in " drive. I've got them all back to clearance except 1 valve that requires a 0.072 shim, not a standard size of course !
So, pretty please to the engineers among us....does anyone have access to a small surface grinder that could take a few thou off a 5/8" diameter shim, ideally asap !
Many thanks

Events / Re: Red Lodge Practice Day Wed April 27th
« on: 19 Apr 22, 03:46 pm »
Hey guys, was sitting on the fence a bit as really busy. I'm not getting time on my CK so a no from me, shame as not too far for me. Have a good day ya'lllll !

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 09 Apr 22, 06:14 pm »
Love the use of "found objects " in your springs, some might call it "art "

Off Topic / Re: Irony?
« on: 16 Feb 22, 05:35 pm »
Same thing in hotrod ding, people see these American tv shows and think a barn find, pasture fresh pickup will fire right up and drive with a fresh battery and air in tyres. Instantly its  worth 10k...dream on !!!

Tech Forum / Re: Suspension
« on: 09 Feb 22, 02:21 pm »
I had Hartford shocks on the front of my under sprung 1918 Buick roadster. I spent quite a lot of time and effort "tuning " them and found that getting the torque of the the big bolt through the middle was the key, inch pounds and not feet !

Build journals / Re: Something different.
« on: 01 Feb 22, 11:13 am »
Absolutely must have a spectacular moustache and a white silk scarf, we know you like to dress up  :o

yes, I will be there too, looking forward to it !

Tech Forum / Re: Polyester Resin
« on: 31 Dec 21, 08:40 pm »
Almost finished this process on my Maserati body, 4 coats of wax, 2 of pva followed by 3 layers of 225gsm chopped strand mat. I broke out the buck from the inside with no problems at all. Ive made the body in one piece and will cut openings for axles, engine access etc. Ive just ordered a big tin of filler to fair in the body before paint. Not the text book way, every one says make moulds first but just more time and money, and where to store the moulds etc. Sorry no pics, I find posting them a complete PITA, there are some on the FB pages if you look back a bit.

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