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Events / VSCC Meeting Silverstone
« on: 13 Apr 23, 08:46 am »
Is there an update on this event?

CKGB Club / Re: New Website
« on: 24 Dec 22, 11:10 am »
From humble beginnings a fantastic website, well done all. Happy Christmas to all 2023 looks well for the CK, cheers, Geoff

Events / Re: Brooklands Era Relived 9th July 2022
« on: 24 Apr 22, 08:26 am »
Can I come out to play also, cheers Geoff

Tech Forum / Re: This is doing my head in!
« on: 10 Mar 22, 05:21 pm »
Well In think you need a 65 tooth sprocket on the diff.
10 driving 60 gives 6:1
60 driving 65 makes final 6.5:1 maybe? cheers, Geoff

Count me in , cheers, Geoff

Good luck, champ! cheers, Geoff

Count me in please, with Indy Burger what time does the fun begin?
cheers, Geoff

Events / Re: National Microcar Rally 2021 8th-13th Sept
« on: 14 Sep 21, 12:44 pm »
Oh well looks like I was successful?

Events / National Microcar Rally 2021 8th-13th Sept
« on: 14 Sep 21, 12:42 pm » Check out this link for poor quality video of above rally, I tried to download directly to this site without success. The CK performed well and created a great deal of interest, so hopefully a few new followers? Cheers, Geoff

Events / Re: 2021 Aug 28 - Grimsthorpe Speed Trials
« on: 21 Aug 21, 01:35 pm »
I now have a booking at the Wishing Well on the Fri none available on Sat so won't be in attendance for post event nosh.I have booked a meal for 8pm on Fri all welcome, cheers, Geoff

Events / Re: 2021 Aug 28 - Grimsthorpe Speed Trials
« on: 20 Aug 21, 07:19 pm »
Apologies for delay in reply, been away, its a yes from me, cheers, Geoff

Events / Re: Brooklands Relived 7 Aug 2021
« on: 08 Aug 21, 10:08 am »
A truly memorable day, thanks, everyone, cheers, Geoff

Events / Re: Brooklands Relived 7 Aug 2021
« on: 06 Aug 21, 09:28 am »
Now Stefan, Don't Be Cruel we don't want any Crying In The Chapel remember there will be A Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On there will be those in attendance with Suspicious Minds but they have a Wooden Heart. They won't share The Impossible Dream but Thats All Right Mama they will end up In The Getto, being chased by a Hound Dog.
If this can't be delivered please Return To Sender
Lawdy Miss Clawdy nearly time for Brooklands, Cheers, Geoff

Build journals / Re: Wolseley Hornet Cyclekart
« on: 30 Jul 21, 07:07 pm »
A link to the DVLA Heavy Quadricycle manual is on a previous post.

 Four wheel brakes are required
 parking brake on one axle
 Differential, I did, but not sure?
 Rear suspension, No, mine was fitted subsequently
Headlights, requirements take several pages of manual.
Pull start is OK, but an immobiliser is required.
A Chinese motorcycle speedo incoporating warning lights, indicators, main beam, hazard, mileometer operated by magnets fitted to final drive sprocket. from ebay £25ish.

Cost just over£100, I did not expect it to pass and just went to see how close it would get.

Keep all receipts, to prove it is a new build, and keep it under 250kg or you will need seatbelts

 I will be at Grimsthorpe.
Cheers, Geoff

Events / Re: 2021 Aug 28 - Grimsthorpe Speed Trials
« on: 29 Jul 21, 08:50 am »
The bubblecar museum look a great venue for the Sunday. I'm sure they would appreciate a collection of CK's in their car park, might get a free entry? cheers, Geoff

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