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Forum Members / Re: New member Scotty
« on: 16 Mar 21, 05:42 pm »
You can ping me at and we will be able to do comms

Forum Members / Re: New member Scotty
« on: 12 Mar 21, 04:41 pm »
I'm based in Alloway down on the west coast, and am in the process of tidying my workshop, repairing my lathe and building a trolley to move my build around. There are some good articles on the site and also the "Potential Builders Guide"  that is worth a good read as it outlines the requirements, it will be moved into the Start here section once it's approved. It is good to get more Scots involved as we require to organise locations for running, in the main the events are based in the south of England to the north of London so attending is a long way down and then up especially if your contemplating a one day shot. There is also a Zoom meet planned for the end of March, come along.

Tech Forum / Re: Thoughts on engine bay heat
« on: 24 Feb 21, 12:28 pm »
Fibre-glass petrol tanks went out of fashion some years ago because of fractures in the skin.
Not sure of what current regs are regarding their use.
You could fab a fancy tank from allow but at what cost.

Thanks for hosting the Zoom meet, it gave us a chance to meet others and also a break from sitting at home awaiting release...a bit like awaiting release from prison. Although we have our workshops to amuse ourselves during the day.
Hopefully will get the build started once my lathe is rebuilt this weekend. Then all we need is this virus to get sorted so we can get out to play.
Thanks again

Off Topic / Re: Cyclecars in Yorkshire
« on: 11 Feb 21, 08:49 pm »
I hope to finish the lathe rebuild by the weekend and then will pursue alternative sources for the steel.
I have a quote for metric equal although a bit thinner but only 0.1 of a mill, so not too critical. I'll have to go on another weight regime.
thanks for the heads up.

Build journals / Re: Riley Dobbs special
« on: 03 Feb 21, 10:52 am »
When making a new Touneau cover for one of the trikes I was able to sew two thicknesses of "Double Duck and an edging Bias Binding top and bottom. My domestic "Singer" coped well with only occasional hand easing when starting.
Not tried leather but am confident that using the correct needle the machine would cope well.
The amount of "lift" of the pressure foot can be a problem at doublings and joints but I was able to faf about and get past that point.

sjc56  How are you doing the ribbed back do you fold a seam and stitch it then move 2inches then fold and stitch again etc

Billy   aka  Ayrflyer

Tech Forum / Re: A 'potential' Builders Guide
« on: 02 Feb 21, 09:45 am »
Just read the "Potential Builders Guide and while there are a typo or two I think that it is an excellent document and deserves a special Place in the "Start Here" section of the forum.
It's a must read for all builders both old and new and fair credit to the Authors who put so much time and effort into its compilation. It is very hard to get folk to commit to creating items like this that often get shot down by people who can't be bothered. Well done that man.
All builders need to have a copy to hand in the workshop.

Forum Members / Re: New member Philfred
« on: 01 Feb 21, 06:13 pm »
I joined in January 21 and am planning on building this year, a lockdown project.
Based in Ayr so close by to you.
I share your thoughts re travelling south for a day meet, a long way need to expand cars in the north.
Have you started a build
Billy    aka Ayrflyer

Off Topic / Home workshops(the Shed)
« on: 29 Jan 21, 10:05 am »
I thought some history of our workshops would make pleasant reading in these times.
My first Lathe"Seneca Falls" was a treadle lathe converted by my father to belt drive from an adjacent room, then came a Dean Smith and Gracie(much too big for the house, its motor on starting used to dim the street lights), also at that time a Chezc Milling machine and a Small shaper, the house used to sing to mechanical noise...the wifes vocabulary was different.
Then I moved to France and sold off and started again, now down to one Lathe a "Little John" and a competent little lathe with screw cutting etc.
Also a variety of welding and brazing kit.
I also attend a local college for a metal bashing class on Fridays(covid stopped that) for skill updates and fun. Building a 1:75 model Anchor Handling Tug in 1mm sheet, now the class in the "Anniesland Shipbuilders" think Clydeside.
Well that gives us a start in what's in door shed

Off Topic / Re: Cyclecars in Yorkshire
« on: 28 Jan 21, 08:29 pm »
This Covid thing has a lot to answer for...Tried to buy a length of 3 x 1 inch box and between the virus Brexit and the world shortage of steel(you take your pick) i'm scunnered.
The up side is that I'm committing more time to drawing up details etc and sourcing suppliers of bits etc, even managed to tidy up the garage, moved the lathe and adjusted the centers, will have to fit shims once I get back to metal bashing at school( over 65 shipbuilders etc). Also made up a truing bar for the lathe to check concentricity of production, but will have to wait till I get to pals workshop to use his big lathe to centre bore the bar.
Ah well must get back to the design, tempis figdet etc

Off Topic / Re: Cyclecars in Yorkshire
« on: 27 Jan 21, 05:02 pm »
Saw that the other day...not strictly CycleKarts but historic cyclecars.
That said I support the idea to develop into "road Legal" it would require testing and insurance/tax etc etc....but do-able, and would add to our adventures, camping trips???
Thanks for the post

Build journals / Re: 1930 Avon Alvis Sports Special
« on: 26 Jan 21, 05:08 pm »
Thanks guys, it helps when you know the system and how to drive a flat earth with some knowledge
Regards Billy

Build journals / Re: 1930 Avon Alvis Sports Special
« on: 26 Jan 21, 12:47 pm »
Will try more photos, taken of my computer screen

Build journals / Re: 1930 Avon Alvis Sports Special
« on: 26 Jan 21, 12:11 pm »
That's the car, you must be more savvy with how to post a picture.
I've taken some snaps of my computer and will try and post some more.

I'll be there when you publish the link, don't know how far down the road I'll be as at present steel is a problem.
regards Billy

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