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Events / Engine will not start -Help
« on: 05 Aug 22, 10:35 pm »
Well after many months on and off building the Riley we are in a position to test run the engine and check the CVT and brake system.

The engine is a new one by Lifan, (we did not run when we got it), we did strip the governor out and disconnected the oil pressure switch so there should not be any problems with it cutting out however we do not have a spark to start with so any ideas please.

I had the same problem and I machined them down to fit.  I would just grind off enough to make it fit.

Tech Forum / Fitting Body Tub
« on: 04 Apr 22, 12:22 pm »
Hi all,
We have a rolling chassis and want to make main body tub, what is the best way of fitting this to the chassis?

Your comments / suggestions welcome


Just to say that Clive H and Gary W from Cheshire will be coming along.

Forum Members / Re: New member jim.h
« on: 30 Nov 21, 10:44 pm »
Hi Jim,
I am Clive and with my colleague Gary who is also on here, we are only down the road from you in Cheshire.

We have a rolling chassis and are currently working on pedal layout and steering.

You are most welcome to come and have look and a chat.

Please pm me


Build journals / Re: Mike Hawthorn's Riley Ulster Imp
« on: 27 Sep 21, 08:12 pm »
Hi Stefan,

Yes that is the car we are basing our on.

It was a good day out at Grimthorpe and we both came away with inspiration and ideas.

Build journals / Mike Hawthorn's Riley Ulster Imp
« on: 23 Sep 21, 11:14 pm »
Hello All, we are Clive Hearsey & Gary Wakefield from Cheshire and we work together for a precision engineering company in the inspection department, we came along to Grimsthorp and had a wonderful day chatting to those members who where there racing and came away with lots of inspiration and advice.

After our initial prototype the White Riley is already being built by on of our members we needed to find a suitable replacement, this has come along in the form of the Tourist Trophy/ex Mike Hawthorn Riley Ulster Imp that was built in 1934 as one of two works cars for the 24 Hour Le Man of that year.

Our cyclekart will be known from now on as the H&W Riley Ulster Imp, so far we have a rolling chassis, engine with CVT and lots of enthusiasm.  I will add pictures and prototype info at a later date.

Cheers Clive & Gary

Build journals / Re: Wolseley Hornet Cyclekart
« on: 31 Jul 21, 10:26 pm »
Thanks for the Info, I will be coming along to Grimsthorpe with new member Gary on the Saturday to come and say hello as well as pick brains.

Build journals / Re: Wolseley Hornet Cyclekart
« on: 30 Jul 21, 06:32 pm »
Just watched the video, very well done. Did you need the following to get it street legal:

Front brakes
Twin rear brakes
Parking brake
Rear suspension
What size front lights (7” as on a Morris Minor)
Is your engine pull start or electric start
What speedo unit did use and where from

What cost is the RFL or is it free

We are just at the point finalising the chassis on our Riley and if any of the above are required now is the time to incorporate them.

All advice is much appreciated. Oh by the way we’ll done. I did register a large scale steam traction engine that I built, but that was a long time ago.

Are you going to Grimsthorpe?

Clive H

For sale and wanted / Re: Front Wheel Bearings
« on: 21 Jul 21, 12:17 pm »
I only mentioned that I have these for sale, I know they are 35mn dia and I ordered 37mm dia these where sent as a substitute. I already have a lathe and milling machine and I am in the process of marching the hub to take 40mm bearings.

So back to the top of the thread bearings for sale, £15.00 plus postage.

For sale and wanted / Front Wheel Bearings
« on: 19 Jul 21, 08:03 pm »
I have for sale new No4 off SKF 6003-2RSH sealed ball bearing 17mm x 35mm x 10mm, these cost £26.39 but will take £15.00 plus postage.

Perfect for front wheel bearings.  These should have been 37mm o/d, but they sent the smaller size and no longer list 37mm o/d,  so are now surplus.

Contact Me via a private message for further details.


Where to get stuff / Re: Leaf Springs
« on: 02 Jul 21, 01:49 pm »
Hi Stefan,
I have just got my springs, they can know produce them as the furnace is up and running.

Tech Forum / Engine Cut Off Switch Removal
« on: 25 Jun 21, 06:00 pm »
I would like to know how others have removed the existing engine cut off switch from their GX200 clone type engines and which wire did they cut to extend to a new cut off switch on the cockpit dash board.

Also, best place to buy pedals?

Tech Forum / Re: Air Cleaner
« on: 09 Jun 21, 08:26 pm »
Thanks Chris,
Thats quite a bit bigger than the stock filter inlet. I will have a look at the file and maybe tweak it to take a stock filter to start with.

Tech Forum / Re: Air Cleaner
« on: 08 Jun 21, 10:05 pm »
What have others used as an air cleaner - stock, modified stock or high performance ?

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