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Build journals / Re: Bugatti type 35 build
« on: 15 Jan 23, 12:25 am »
Is this car now finished and racing?

Build journals / Re: 1936 Austin 7 twin cam racer
« on: 15 Jan 23, 12:05 am »
It is an amazing build, Peter

Tech Forum / Re: 420 chain - ok with 200cc?
« on: 02 Jan 23, 07:45 pm »
Duplex chain is double chain. Car engines that use timing chains are normally duplex.

Blimey, I had no idea.
So, what letter of chain does everyone use?

H for Heavy Duty?

Tech Forum / Re: 420 chain - ok with 200cc?
« on: 02 Jan 23, 06:01 pm »

 H = Heavy duty
Not sure about the other two.
D = Duplex?

Thanks Noel. Heavy was my guess too. I wonder what Duplex would mean.

Tech Forum / Re: 420 chain - ok with 200cc?
« on: 02 Jan 23, 11:19 am »
420 chain will be fine Peter and will be the easiest route to a standard setup.

Thanks very much Stefan

same question, you will know this, what do H, B and D mean, when written after the 420. Coincidentally, I have a length of 420H from another project

Tech Forum / Re: 420 chain - ok with 200cc?
« on: 02 Jan 23, 11:17 am »

420 chain is 1/2 pitch and has a tensile strength of 3970 lbs. I wouldn't be too worried about it.

Blimey! Cheers

any idea what the H, B and D after the 420 mean, and which I need?

Tech Forum / Re: 420 chain - ok with 200cc?
« on: 02 Jan 23, 11:16 am »
I realise Transpower Drives sounds like it should be a drag artist taxi company

absolutely hilarious and very much you!

Tech Forum / Re: 420 chain - ok with 200cc?
« on: 01 Jan 23, 10:36 pm »
also, what do designations H, D and B mean after the 420; does anyone know?

Tech Forum / 420 chain - ok with 200cc?
« on: 01 Jan 23, 10:27 pm »
Gemini supplied me with a 420 / 60T plate wheel and carrier, and I have recently been studying the link Stefan provided, which explains chain pitch etc.

But now I am a bit concerned because I have been looking at 420 chain on ebay and it never specifies it for anything bigger than a 160cc engine.

It makes me wonder if it is designed only for smaller engines and wonder whether our 200cc's will be too much for it?

Where to get stuff / Profile Publications index
« on: 10 Dec 22, 06:03 pm »
You may have this here already, but just in case, here's a link to an index of the Profiles which have inspired so many early cyclekarts

Off Topic / Re: Helmets
« on: 21 Nov 22, 11:03 am »
I'm torn between something that looks period correct and something that will actually protect your head.
I come from a background of rallying so I'm used wearing a helmet. Even so, one accident I had while wearing a full face helmet, I was knocked unconscious and lost four hours of my memory, so head protection is not to bet taken lightly.
I suppose if a helmet is road legal it should be of good enough quality to do the job.


I crashed a gyrocopter and the bloke who rescued me told me there was a hole in the back of my helmet. He was amazed I survived without brain damage. That ought to have made me more sensible.

Off Topic / Re: Helmets
« on: 21 Nov 22, 11:00 am »
sensible stuff

Off Topic / Re: Helmets
« on: 21 Nov 22, 12:03 am »
I am interested in this too. What are your feelings, Noel?

My own particular prejudice is that modern helmets look anachronistic and out of scale in a cyclekart, whereas old fashioned pudding basin helmets look right. I know that at track days some drivers do not wear helmets at all, so that if older helmets don't provide as much protection as modern helmets, at least they are better than nothing, while being in keeping.

Fat Skeleton sell helmets which are sized, so that they are much more proportional. Other helmets tend to be universal sizes with various sizes of inserts to make them fit smaller heads.

Ironically, a potentially very tired 1960s helmet with a kite mark is legal (kind of grandfathers' rights, I suppose), while a newly made Davida pudding basin helmet is not legal because it doesn't meet current specs. I wore a '60s one to the Isle of Wight scooter rally in 1999 on a Lambretta and got no grief.

For cyclekarting, if it wouldn't be a problem with the club, I shall probably use a pudding basin - or even, if some are wearing nothing, a leather flying helmet.

Tech Forum / Re: ref bearings: what do you call these....?
« on: 20 Nov 22, 11:45 pm »
I might even take the opportunity to make a sliding spring shroud like the original, with the lower shroud (the inner of the two) attached to the large washer and with the upper, outer shroud sliding down over the top of it.

Tech Forum / Re: ref bearings: what do you call these....?
« on: 20 Nov 22, 11:23 pm »
I am very grateful Chris. You saved the day. Thanks for the sketch too!

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