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For sale and wanted / Re: Thunderbug Kart for sale.
« on: 06 Apr 21, 06:53 pm »
Thanks to Jim, a new owner has been found for the kart. A local guy from Peterborough, so nice and local to you all. Should reappear at the next meet. Dave.

For sale and wanted / Thunderbug Kart for sale.
« on: 04 Apr 21, 02:57 pm »
Hi Guys.   Must confess I havenít been following the action too closely, but I donít think thereís been too much?
Julie is telling me to part with the kart. I was intending to make one more visit, just to see if all changes were ok, but the virus has really cramped our style big time.
The kart has been laid up now for over a year, on its trailer, on the drive. I have bought a poly tunnel, so itís been well protected.
I think £750 would be a good price. I know itís had a somewhat chequered career (!) but I believe itís now sorted-an additional cable operated hand brake. The bodywork has been altered to provide a degree of protection to shoulders as well.
I can bring it to the next meeting if anyoneís interested. Dave.

Off Topic / New project
« on: 30 Jul 20, 12:49 pm »
Iíve just bought a part built trike....well, I need something to play with!  930 cc Suzuki powered.
The jury is still out on future cyclekart activity!
I hope youíre not going to throw me off the forum!?

Build journals / Re: Thunderbug update
« on: 25 Jun 20, 11:57 pm »
Finished off the ck today and pulled it out of the garage to make way for the next job...renewing the deck varnish on my sailing dinghy.
Iíd like to bring it down to Stretton but itís getting too busy?
Some pics enclosed.
If anyone wants to buy it...itís for sale.

Tech Forum / Re: Tyre width
« on: 17 Jun 20, 07:16 pm »
Mine are 2.5Ē all round...rims are 1.6Ē.

Build journals / Dashboard making.
« on: 27 May 20, 09:42 am »
Iím going to stick some aluminium on for a dashboard. How do you make those turned swirls?
Is it called engine turning?

Build journals / Re: Bugatti Type 37 Build
« on: 27 May 20, 09:40 am »
Could you put a long length of threaded rod through the crossmember and come out the other side? Then you can drill a wrong hole in the other side to match!

Build journals / Re: Thunderbug update
« on: 26 May 20, 02:41 pm »
I discovered during the lath work that the lathes would only follow two dimensions. In order to follow a compound curve I wonder if using say 10mm x 10mm lathes would allow the wood to bend in any direction?

Build journals / Re: Thunderbug update
« on: 25 May 20, 06:47 pm »
Some pics of progress...tedious business rubbing down filler!
Handbrake/mechanical calliper nearly finished.

Build journals / Re: Delage 15-S-8
« on: 16 May 20, 04:46 pm »
Donít forget that using a balance bar will halve the foot pressure to each master cylinder.

Build journals / Re: Thunderbug update
« on: 15 May 20, 11:10 am »
Put on some wooden strips ready to glass over. God knows what shape it will come out !!

Build journals / Re: Thunderbug update
« on: 09 May 20, 06:44 pm »
Forgot to add the pic!

Build journals / Re: Thunderbug update
« on: 09 May 20, 06:41 pm »
Framework ready to receive wooden laths. Holes are to allow air into engine compartment.
Wouldnít like to do a whole body !  Iím going to shelve my Maserati 250 plans!

Build journals / Re: Thunderbug update
« on: 08 May 20, 10:52 am »
This is the new boot lid shape.

Build journals / Thunderbug update
« on: 08 May 20, 10:49 am »
Just an update on my ďimprovements ď. Extra cable operated calliper added with handbrake lever.
Iíve replaced the bulkhead behind the seat. This is now 20mm higher than my shoulders, giving some shoulder protection in the event of a roll. So currently building a lath/glass fibre boot lid, leaving a hole for the fake tank!

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