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For sale and wanted / Kartmainia
« on: 28 Oct 21, 06:57 am »
Kartmania is being held at Silverstonr in the west wing 27th/ 28 Nov 21.
It may be a useful event to attend if you are looking for parts for your build. The garages under the wing have a good kart jumble with a full range of spares avalible.

Forum Members / Re: New member mini407
« on: 27 Oct 21, 08:34 pm »
Andy, thanks for the offer, need to do my research first and see what this is all about before I commit to anything. Will keep you in mind thanks.

Forum Members / Re: New member mini407
« on: 27 Oct 21, 10:10 am »
Good morning everyone,
Thank you for letting me join this band of merry gentlemen.
I cam  across you all at the Scramble at Bicester this year and loved what you had all created with your cars. I then saw a post from your adventures at Whilton Mill were I am actively involved with Whilton Mill Kart Club.
I have been involved in building my own stock cars and latterly for the last 15 years running kart race meetings so heavily involved with the sport and know my way around the Honda GX series of engines fairly well.
I am in the Royal Air Force with my trade being Workshops, in layman's terms I am an Aircraft welder, sheet metal worker and machinist, being a time served machinist before I joined. So building a car would not phase me too much.
I did try, many years ago to build a 1/2 scale type 35 Bugatti from scratch for my son by time beat me and real work and life got in the way as I was making everything.
So seeing your cars allowed me to think of completing a project of building a type 35 again but built around one of your chassis's and for me and not my son.
My wife has also been heavily involved in the karting scene with me and recently due to ill health has had to take a step back which she is not enjoying it , and I see this as another way of us possibly spending weekends together track side enjoying some motor sport.
So you ask "what can I offer" which I suppose would be a skill set that can help in many areas of the build, although management jobs have sadly had me off the tools full time for about 10 years now, I still know my way around a workshop and how to persuade a piece of metal to move to where it does not want to ;D
I look forward to chatting with you over time and putting a blog together as and when I start my build unless I cheat and by a ready built car to start with.

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