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Forum Members / Re: New member Chaz
« on: 26 Jan 23, 09:37 am »
That's great. I look forward to seeing you both.

Forum Members / Re: New member Chaz
« on: 25 Jan 23, 02:28 pm »
3rd Feb is a Friday, did you mean 5th ?

Where to get stuff / Re: 219 front sprocket
« on: 25 Jan 23, 01:40 pm »
I had the same problem.  After hours of searching, discussions with Gemini Karts and Talon Engineering I finally got a quote from Talon for £120 + VAT.  They were obviously not interested in small quantity production.  In the end I made my own by cutting the teeth off the gear provided with the torque converter to form the hub, then I cut a new set of teeth by drilling and filing a piece of steel plate which I welded to the hub.  It sounds a lot more difficult than it really is because the teeth are formed by carefully drilling a ring of holes.  All that said, I think this would be an ideal part for the club to buy in quantity as there appear to be benefits when using 219 chain.

CK number register / Re: Race Number Register
« on: 25 Jan 23, 12:17 pm »
No, I'm afraid it's just a random choice.

Build journals / Re: Austin 7 Ulster - Build Journal
« on: 25 Jan 23, 10:37 am »
So here's my next attempt at fibreglass moulding.  I tried to make one by welding aluminium, then forming copper, they both failed so I reverted to what I know. The tool is very simple, made from melamine faced chipboard with filleting wax to form all the corners. 

CK number register / Re: Race Number Register
« on: 25 Jan 23, 10:17 am »
Good Morning Stefan,
Sorry I dropped out of the Builders meeting early last week.  We had a power cut in the hotel and I lost my connection.  Enjoyed it while it lasted though.
Back home now and getting stuck in with the final details ( wish it was a bit warmer though ).  Is number 34 available ?  If so could I reserve it please ?

Forum Members / Re: New member Chaz
« on: 25 Jan 23, 09:38 am »
Hi Chaz / Chris,
I'm back from my holiday now and busy in the workshop in a bid to finish the build in time for the Spring.  Happy to meet you pretty much any time during the daytime.  Let's set a date.

Forum Members / Re: New member Chaz
« on: 06 Jan 23, 03:40 pm »
I will  be going on holiday on Wednesday for 2 weeks.  Any time after the 24th January should be fine.

Forum Members / Re: New member Chaz
« on: 06 Jan 23, 02:19 pm »
Hello Chaz,
Welcome to the group.  I'm not in Devon, but just up the M5 in Somerset.  I've been building my first Cyclekart since the middle of last year and it should be finished this Spring.  You are very welcome to pop up for a chat and a look at what I've been up to.

Off Topic / Re: New cyclekarts in 2023
« on: 04 Jan 23, 06:24 pm »
I hope to have mine finished before Spring and be competing this year.

Build journals / Re: Austin 7 Ulster - Build Journal
« on: 15 Nov 22, 02:52 pm »
Thanks Stefan,

Yes, I know, You think you're almost there and then something slows things down.  I spent a lot of time looking for something to adapt for the curved tail section but eventually bit the bullet and made a fibreglass moulding.  The pictures tell the story but basically I made a plug on the kart using papier mache, took a reversal in fibreglass as a mould tool and then moulded the part.  Turned out quite well really so now I can get back to putting it all together and painting it.  I'm determined to be ready for next year !!

Tech Forum / Re: Using garden tractor parts
« on: 02 Jun 22, 07:28 pm »
I used the diff from an Atco ride on mower. 

Tech Forum / Re: Aluminium Forming
« on: 23 May 22, 10:16 am »
Thanks Rhys,

I'll pay them a visit, and have a look.

Forum Members / Re: New member John Best
« on: 17 May 22, 05:38 pm »
Hello John,
I live in West Huntspill.  I started building my Cyclekart a couple of months ago and I’m well into the build.   I’m a newbie myself but you’re welcome to call by for a chat.

Tech Forum / Re: Aluminium Forming
« on: 06 May 22, 02:10 pm »
I think the lampshade idea is brilliant.  Unfortunately the 18" ones seem to be made from enamelled steel.  I'll keep looking though.

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