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Regretably, I won't be going to Stretton on Tuesday after all.
I'm still taking morphine based pain relief for my back, not a good idea to try driving (also highly illegal).
It is improving though and I'm managing to potter around for short periods.

Have a great day guys, lots of photos and videos.

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 14 May 22, 06:29 pm »
I always to look forward to seeing your progress Jim. It's a great cyclekart.

Tech Forum / Re: Honda engine technical information
« on: 04 May 22, 05:54 pm »
Thanks Stefan, I've filed it away for future reference.

Me too. Thanks Stefan.

Tech Forum / Re: Tuning the GX200
« on: 04 May 22, 05:48 pm »
I am personally keen to restrict CycleKarts to 10hp maximum. That's accepted as stage one tuning of the GX200. Anybody considering tuning their CK further for speed has not understood the ethos of CycleKarting. 

I'm very much with you on this Graham.

I shall probably start with a bog standard engine out of the box and enjoy driving a cyclekart that I've built. A bit more hp may be considered later for a spicier drive but strictly within the 10hp limit.

Tech Forum / Re: basic pillar drills
« on: 02 May 22, 09:55 am »
I just bought a classic drill. Nothing as flashy, spec-wise, as yours, David, but a good , solid job. Goodness knows how old -possibly 1940s or 50s. Good working order. smooth bearings etc. Brand new chuck, though. Bloomin' heavy, so yet been able to collect it, but have been to see it. Photos to follow.
Good for you. Heavy is good. And from experience (1948 was an excellent year for 'things'  ;) ) older machines can give very good service.
Look forward to seeing some photos.
Picked up my 1970's metal cutting bandsaw on Saturday. Needs a fettle but is is identical to new ones.

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 01 May 22, 07:01 am »
Looking good Jim.
Loads of room for your feet!

Tech Forum / Re: basic pillar drills
« on: 27 Apr 22, 10:24 am »
This shows the speed range, and the lever that operates the gear change with the depth setting.
I also have a foot stop switch - very handy, extra safety.

Tech Forum / Re: basic pillar drills
« on: 27 Apr 22, 12:02 am »
This back gear business is a new one on me. Looks like I need to get Googling

I refer to it as 'backgear' because it does what a backgear on a lathe does, namely provide a low speed selection.
I'm sure that there is another name for it, just lost in brain fog at the moment.
Mine ranges from around 2000rpm to 80rpm (from memory).
Many 8 and 10 speed machines rely on multiple belts and pulley cones and they're a pain to change.
With 'backgear' you can drill your pilot hole at normal, flick over the lever and drill a big hole at slow. I rarely mess with the pulleys.

I'll try to post some pics in the morning to show you speed ranges etc.

Tech Forum / Re: basic pillar drills
« on: 26 Apr 22, 02:02 pm »
Much depends on whether you want a bench mounted drill press or a floor standing pillar drill.
The Clarke floor standing start at £357.

Personally, I'd go for second hand industrial quality - you'd get a geared back-gear for slow speeds (big holes), Morse taper chuck (for larger drill bits) and, with luck, a geared rise and fall (to take the strain off your back).

I've got a Union Pillar drill ex-school, £50 though it's 3 phase. Goes through anything! Bl**dy heavy!

If you want new, I suggest you have a look at SCHEPPACH DP16SL £210 from Screwfix and Toolstation but get yourself a decent machine vice too. Ebay has some good ones on at the moment but you'd have to travel to collect

Hope that helps.

Tech Forum / Re: Flexible exhaust
« on: 25 Apr 22, 10:02 am »
Smooth bore parallel is fine, no need of a taper, but each change in pipe cross section should be an increase. I've got an aluminium pit bike silencer on mine, but others use plain pipes and are within the noise limits for the tracks we use.

Thanks Chris. I shall have a look at those pit bike silencers. I definitely will want to fit something.

CKGB Club / Re: Club update
« on: 25 Apr 22, 09:55 am »
Thanks for the update Stefan.
Good to know that things are progressing so well. As you say, there is a lot to do to set the club up from scratch and there is plenty happening.

Tech Forum / Re: Flexible exhaust
« on: 24 Apr 22, 05:57 pm »
Perhaps I should have given a better explanation when I commented about turbulence. In an exhaust system the aim is that the flow is as smooth as possible, turbulence will kill the power of an engine.
I have absolutely no knowledge about exhausts.
So, Chris, would a smooth bore positively tapered pipe be the most efficient?
And what about any silencer? Should we plan one into the design? Are they needed?

I've a feeling that some system will be needed that's better than the one the engines come with, if only to carry the exhaust outside the engine space.

Off Topic / Re: The Autocar Handbook
« on: 23 Apr 22, 11:18 am »
Just bought 10th edition - we shall have a full set between us soon.

Tech Forum / Re: GX200 standard carb check sheet
« on: 23 Apr 22, 11:12 am »
Thanks Stefan. I've saved that for later, I'm sure I'll need it.

Off Topic / Re: The Autocar Handbook
« on: 22 Apr 22, 11:32 am »
Interesting, thanks Stefan, the 3rd edition can be downloaded here:
Thank you Chris. It's very interesting, especially the diagrams of the from axle and steering.
£90 for a driver (with clothing) and £12 10s for Stabling - Ah those were the days!

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