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Off Topic / Re: Hot wire foam cutter.
« on: 12 Oct 22, 12:00 pm »
I made one for cutting ? 8 x 4 sheets of polystyrene wall insulation. Power supply was a 12v car battery. I don't know what the wire gauge was but it was nickel chromium. If you want details of the design let me know. Nothing difficult about it.

Off Topic / Adverts
« on: 12 Oct 22, 11:47 am »
All the adverts that are popping up on the website are foreign. Is anybody else experiencing this or is it just me?

Off Topic / Re: Bits of this and that.
« on: 14 Jul 22, 08:57 am »
Thanks to both.

Off Topic / Bits of this and that.
« on: 13 Jul 22, 03:57 pm »
If I built a car inspired by lots of different cars and included parts that I liked from each one, but  it still had the pre war race car style, would it be acceptable as a cyclekart?

For sale and wanted / Re: old number one for sale
« on: 30 Jun 22, 11:48 am »
The ladder was a second hand one. The wheels are standard pit bike wheels from fun bikes.

For sale and wanted / old number one for sale
« on: 29 Jun 22, 03:32 pm »
I have decided to sell my cyclekart. The main reason is to visit the nearest venue to me which is Stretton, would involve a round trip of 500 miles at a cost approaching £200. As much as it looks like an enjoyable day or two, the fun element is outweighed by the cost and time spent travelling etc.
The kart has only run for about five minutes to test brakes and steering etc. so all the bits that I have bought are all new. It isn't quite finished but there is little left to do.
I am looking to recover just the cost of parts which is about £1500. If interested I will provide a full list of bits and pieces.
You can see most of the details in the build journal.


Where to get stuff / Re: Steering quick release
« on: 10 Jun 22, 08:28 am »
Got this from China. Works fine.

Build journals / Re: old number one
« on: 05 Jun 22, 06:01 pm »
Thanks. :)

Build journals / Re: old number one
« on: 05 Jun 22, 04:36 pm »
That's very kind of you. At least let me pay the postage. I'll message you my address. I've done several test runs but don't have any action photo's. Maybe do some tomorrow if it's still fine.

Build journals / Re: old number one
« on: 05 Jun 22, 03:33 pm »

You would likely find the same issue if you had a differential.

Would knobbly tyres make a difference?

Off Topic / Change of name
« on: 04 Jun 22, 07:46 pm »
I have changed my onscreen name from Morrisgarage to Paul724.

Build journals / Re: old number one
« on: 04 Jun 22, 07:32 pm »
It's been running but only on grass and as our paddock is on a slope, it has shown that one wheel drive is no good going uphill. I had to get out and push.
I have changed my onscreen name from Morrisgarage to Paul724.

Build journals / Re: old number one
« on: 04 Jun 22, 05:00 pm »
Having experimented with EVA foam and resin etc; I have decided it doesn't suit my project. It has potential for something else. I was using it to make the bodywork but HDPE is better, once you have persuaded it, with a heat gun, to take the shape you want. The good points about are that it is very strong, rot proof and a delight to machine and in my case I don't need to paint it because I like the colour as it is. If anybody decides to try it, I would recommend using the mid section of a 210ltr drum as it is the thinnest part and easier to shape. It is also pretty flat.
I spent ages looking for something with which to make the bull nose and eventually chose some cedar that I had. I am pleased with the result but still have to make it look like brass. I thought about using gold leaf so something new to have a go at. Talk about posh!

Quarter turn on a good day. Bit twitchy but keeps you focused!

There's nothing wrong with being a "weirdo" or thinking outside the box. I do it all the time.

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