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For sale and wanted / Re: no limit for sale
« on: 10 Jan 21, 09:20 pm »
The gear box is a standard 4 speed box from a villiers 2T or 1H engine, There is no primary chain case so the clutch and chain run dry open. I made a frame that holds the engine and gearbox together and in line. I had to fit a very small engine drive sprocket to gear it down or it would have been geared to go 80 mph. I have only had it to 20 or so in second gear its gear for about 40 but I dont know if the engine would have enough power to pull full revs in top gear. Its very fast to 20 though similar to a 125 motorbike

For sale and wanted / Re: no limit for sale
« on: 06 Jan 21, 12:48 pm »
The front suspension needs a bit more tinkering. At first it just had two motorcycle shocks but I found that when the kart leaned one way it didnt come back so I modified the shocks so they only worked on compression one way so the frame would return to the center this worked a bit too well as it tended to lean over too far on corners its was a bit scary so at the moment the front end is locked in the center position and its far more stable as a result. I am not sure it needs any suspension  as the whole thing pivots around the rear wheel. Its all good fun.

For sale and wanted / Re: badges name plate
« on: 05 Jan 21, 10:00 pm »
i can make up a vin plate you can stamp yourself or I could print the numbers on for you.

For sale and wanted / no limit for sale
« on: 05 Jan 21, 07:18 pm »
I built a cycle trike a few years ago and its just sitting in the shed its a honda gx160 linked to a villiers 4 speed gearbox so its a sequential gear change. Honda 305 Dream rear wheel and James front hubs The king pins are from a mobility scooter and it has a tractor steering wheel. I have fitted a kawasaki starter motor and it has a slide carb and a pulse fuel pump. The main chassis rail is a scaffold tube with a mobility scooter subframe on top. The body is plywood and the tail is fiberglass. email me if you are interested  its a total one of. I am getting a bit too old to get inside it now anyway.

For sale and wanted / badges name plate
« on: 05 Jan 21, 07:05 pm »
If anyone would like some custom badges I make badges for classic bikes for Velocette , James , Panther etc. They are made from 1mm thick aluminium plate with a permanent image printed on. They are not decals or paint. I can make ant size from lapel badges to number plate size. The cost is dependent on the size but mostly on the amount of work to produce the first one. These are some samples of cap / lapel badges and petrol tank badges. email

Events / nwlmra
« on: 27 Jan 20, 02:22 pm »
I see there is a meeting at the nwlmra ,where abouts is it taking place and how many are going

For sale and wanted / Re: for sale
« on: 16 May 19, 02:33 pm »
I have loads of photos and some videos of the build if anyone wants to look

For sale and wanted / for sale
« on: 16 May 19, 02:29 pm »
I have decided to see if anyone is interested in buying my cycletrike NO LIMIT its no ebay at the moment. I cant see me ever using it its just standing here in the shed and I could do with the space for another project.

Tech Forum / Re: Engine modifications
« on: 23 Apr 19, 11:36 am »
amen to that. I have been following the cycle kart scene for about a year on the mostly American site and I am struck by how much money they throw at their projects and there is nothing wrong with that if that's what you want. However to my mind and may be this is just me I wanted to build a kart that is a representation of the 20s and 30s not a replica. If you get into the realms of a replica then that's when it starts to run away with the costs ( and that's important ). I built my kart as an engineering exercise using what I had around at the time which is what happened back in the day starting off with a scrap mobility scooter and a scaffold tube and it evolved from there. If another wishes to build a whiss bang replica using a cad with the latest materials why not each to their own its only when comitative racing gets involved that rules need to  adhered to but if your not racing what dose it matter. My kart is geared for about 50mph but there is absolutely no way I would take it over 25 its not safe enough. Its only a hobby what dose it matter.

Tech Forum / Re: Engine modifications
« on: 22 Apr 19, 10:28 pm »
I wasn't aware that any of these engine mods would be considered outside of the original formula you either want to get more power from a basic engine or you don't. If you don't then no mods at all would be the best wat to go. I have been reading the rules and I see a diff if acceptable. I thought the Stephenson formula rules says no diff one wheel drive. In any case I will build my Kart to my rules I don't care about anyone else's.
Regards Derek

Tech Forum / Re: Engine modifications
« on: 22 Apr 19, 12:25 pm »
I was involved in doing some voluntary work in something called the Blair project for a year or so. It was a project for local disadvantages kids where they had a chance to drive go karts on the three sisters race track. These kids were fearless they would thrash these karts and it took me all my time to keep these three kart running. The engines were Honda gx160 we removed the governor and low oil switch de baffed the silencers ( this makes a big difference ) fitted stronger valve springs and fitted keeper washers on top of the valves to stop the springs coming off. One had a k and n type air filter. You can get larger jets for the standard carb and a modified key for the flywheel which increases the advance of the spark. I have some of these if anyone wants one. On my Kart (No Limit )I made an inlet manifold so I could fit a slide carb ( there is a video on you tube of the mod). I have a taco so we could limit the revs or they will break the rod and hole the case. There are endless mods for the gx160 all the go kart men know them.

Forum Members / Re: New member petrolderek
« on: 21 Apr 19, 09:18 pm »
its a long way for me to travel but I am going to try and make it. A friend has a van with a tail lift we might come in that.

Forum Members / Re: New member petrolderek
« on: 21 Apr 19, 11:55 am »
photos of electric kart and no limit cyclekart

Forum Members / Re: New member petrolderek
« on: 21 Apr 19, 11:27 am »

I have loads of photos but I cant get them to upload

I built an electric kart as a teaching aid just over a year ago this was before I got interested in the cyclekarts.
I used two 500watt brushed motors linked together chain driven  though a diff. It had three mobility scooter deep discharge batteries running 36volts. All the electrical components came from a ride on industrial scrubber drier. I used this because I got them all for nothing so I used what I had.
If I was doing this again I would pay more attention to the weight thats what kills the performance. You need to work backwards start with how fast do you want it to go, then how long between battery charging. Mine was only 1000watts but it could move. it would out accelarate a honda gx160 go kart with a centrifual clutch to 15mph but topped out at about 20mph but this was down to the gearing. The battery would last about 30 mins but thats a long time in a kart. I think that to keep the cost down go lead acid 36 or 48 volt 2k to 3k motor, mosfet controler, and if need be have a second battery pack and change the battery when needed. A kart to this spec I would estimate 30mph easy, very rapid acceleration  and a good 30 mins duration with 4 x 34amp 20hour batties. Look to forklift trucks for motor and controler or scrubber driers.I might have another go when the Raleigh Romascooter is done.

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