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Build journals / Re: 1923 Fiat SB4 "Mefistofele"
« on: 10 Nov 22, 01:25 pm »
Planning is key Mac.
I urge you to look at the Bloody Mary build on the website, especially the chassis build page here...
3/4" ply might be a tad too structural (and heavy?)
Perfect! The "tub" design is what I had in mind; with the base and strengthening ribs in 18mm (which in fairness, could be 1/2" to save weight) and the sides in 6mm - doubled up/strengthened where required (seat base, etc). The upper bodywork would be made of ally and plastic hoarding type materials (in my mind at this stage).

Or have a look at this link, if you click on the picture of any of the cars there is a huge amount of info. 70" wheelbase would make this car look  wrong IMHO.
Thats a great resource I hadn't seen yet - thank you. I had shrunk the wheelbase to fit the 70" "standard" but I see the benefits of keeping the proportions more in line with the original...


Build journals / Re: 1923 Fiat SB4 "Mefistofele"
« on: 10 Nov 22, 12:10 am »
Not much to update at this stage - been thoroughly enjoying myself in working out the build process on paper. I’ve decided to stick to the original CK guidelines and keep it non-road legal. I toyed with the idea to run it around to a few local events, maybe that’ll be for build #2 🤣
Sticking with a 95% wood build, 6mm/18mm plywood body with ally hood. Frame rails will be 3x2 timber (hopefully ash if I can lay my hands on some) with partially hidden angle iron bracing.

Just need a clear weekend to collect the ply and get it started…


Forum Members / Re: New member Mrfixit
« on: 12 Oct 22, 04:57 pm »
I’m not far from you (t’other side of Brighton) and just starting my own build too!


Build journals / Re: 1923 Fiat SB4 "Mefistofele"
« on: 16 Sep 22, 11:13 pm »
I found a pretty good sketchup model of a GX200 to use in mine, which allowed me to shuffle the axel and brake around to clear it, and make sure the ley-shaft will fit. Let me know if you'd like a copy of that file too, or my steering wheel.

Thanks Konrad,
Found a suitable model of a GX200 in the SketchUp warehouse (Wasn’t to scale, but sorted that quickly enough). I think I’m as close as I can on screen.

Build journals / Re: 1923 Fiat SB4 "Mefistofele"
« on: 31 Aug 22, 11:00 am »
With mine, I brought the image into Sketchup, drew a rough wheel to the correct size, and then just re-sized the image so it matched the wheel sizes. That then allowed me to draw out the profile shape at the center of the image, them move down the length of the image, extruding each section, re-sizing the extruded face with each section, tweak the profile and repeat, down the length.
I hope that makes sense, but let me know if you'd like to see the tutorial video I used.

Thanks, that’s kind of what I ended up doing too!

I think my rear axle is a little close to the seat back, short of fitting the chain drive externally… a bit more tweaking then I think I’ll start on the CAD (cardboard aided design) stage


Build journals / Re: 1923 Fiat SB4 "Mefistofele"
« on: 30 Aug 22, 05:15 pm »
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Knocked this up in Sketchup in my lunch break - looks about right although I'm gonna need to remeasure the workshop  ;D

Build journals / 1923 Fiat SB4 "Mefistofele"
« on: 30 Aug 22, 02:11 pm »

I think I've found my muse  ;D

It's rather a long beast - any suggestions on how best to alter the proportions to keep in line with the general CK footprint?
Any suggestions on software that can quickly rescale an image based on, say wheel diameter??


Forum Members / Re: New member Mac
« on: 20 Aug 22, 09:02 pm »
Hey all,
So I did an engineering apprenticeship when I left school and loved every moment of it. Im an engineer at heart even if I’m now in NHS middle management hell! I’ve wanted to build my own car (cobra replica) since I was a teenager, but with the costs going up, 3x kids at home and other priorities- I can’t see that happening this side of retirement.

So until then, why not combine my love of building things, driving too fast and mildly competitive attitude - and keep the budget in check; mostly!

Just need to find “the one” to base a design on/around. A good excuse to rewatch some Goodwood prewar events on YouTube 👍

I’m based near Brighton, Sussex

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