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Build journals / Re: 1923 Fiat SB4 "Mefistofele"
« on: 25 Sep 22, 10:43 pm »

I think I've found my muse  ;D

It's rather a long beast - any suggestions on how best to alter the proportions to keep in line with the general CK footprint?
Any suggestions on software that can quickly rescale an image based on, say wheel diameter??


I love your inspiration car! You have an excellent profile picture of the car to work with, so you have a great starting point to scale and downsize from. Start with the wheels and tires you will use or cardboard patterns of them. Place them against a wall at the proper wheelbase you will be using, then draw a paper or cardboard pattern on the wall adjusting the length of the hood, frame, tail and seating area until you have a shape that works well for your visualization of the car. This also allows you to adjust the ride height and seating/floorpan location to help with its center of balance. Plan on too much seating area, it is easier to make the seating area smaller than it is to make it bigger.


Forum Members / Re: New member Drag
« on: 25 Sep 22, 09:54 pm »
Howdy! I live in a place called Harker Heights which is in Texas (United States). I have not built a cyclekart yet, but I plan to if my health improves somewhat. I am 62 years old and I have been a mechanic, welder, autobody repairman, and numerous other trades while I was in the military and as a hobby. I have built full sized cars, and restored many a classic car. I confess to having done several resto-mods as well. ;) I enjoy learning different things and new perspectives of how to do things, so I hope to learn from you. If I ask  many questions it is because I am trying to pick your brains, so feel free to tell me to stop if I ask too many. :) My real name is Patrick, but I have been called Drag for so many years I don't really recognize that someone is talking to me when they use it. If you use that name and I don't answer, please slap me in the head and let me know. I will not be offended.


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