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Many thanks Rhys. I will certainly keep your offer in mind.

....thought it was worth asking before I spend the children's inheritance on new parts.

 I currently have a steering wheel and a horn  :-)

Wheels, front/rear axles, springs, engine, transmission, brakes  - the list goes on !!

Any reasonably priced suggestions gratefully received.


Tech Forum / Re: Gemini front axle dimension
« on: 18 Jan 23, 10:13 pm »
Many thanks !

Events / Re: Builders' Meet - 18th Jan
« on: 18 Jan 23, 08:26 pm »
Same here :(
Glad it's not just me!
I sent stefan a PM and he sent me another link.  :)

Forum Members / Re: New member paulb
« on: 06 Jan 23, 09:46 pm »
Many thanks for the offers.
PMs on their way :-)

Forum Members / Re: New member paulb
« on: 05 Jan 23, 09:04 pm »
As a result of a post by Chris Loader on the Caterham and Lotus 7 website, I have joined the club!
I am based near Market Bosworth in Leicestershire which looks like it is reasonably close to many of the venues and events. It looks like a great opportunity to learn new skills and partake in gentlemanly competition. I have spent a good few hours looking at the GB and other websites and have already made myself a full size side view mock up of the Stevenson template. I have projected various inspiration vehicles onto this using an LCD projector, which gives a good  impression of what might work.
I know my way around cars but I have few metal working skills at the moment, but hope these will improve in time. Being fully retired now, should give me ample time to practice.
I note that there are a few forum members quite close to me. Is it the 'done thing' to contact them direct to arrange  viewings of their machines?
Looking forward to meeting other members and seeing their machines.

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