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Build journals / Re: Alvis Firebird Special
« on: 28 Sep 23, 07:13 pm »
Hi Nick, good point, Yep! the body overall is in three sections and the forward section the bonnet top and side panels are all remove, depending on how much access is needed. The boat tail is a similar concept. But finishing is taking time! All the best Ian.

Build journals / Re: MG M type
« on: 27 Sep 23, 09:26 pm »
Nice work Nick, are you going to add in some vents in the upper section to aid the through flow of air - thats my plan!

Build journals / Re: Alvis Firebird Special
« on: 27 Sep 23, 09:20 pm »
I haven't posted for a while - but I haven't been idle! - plugging away with the bodywork.

Front end is progressing - but getting the details added is taking time, but if a jobs worth doing……

Rear boat-end is coming together, formed in flexi-ply, first attempt in thin ply felt to strained.

Trying to keep things moving forward!

Events / Re: Whilton Mill test and tune day. Oct 16th 2023
« on: 27 Sep 23, 08:17 pm »
Thats a shame, I was looking forward to giving little-Al his second outing - thanks for all your efforts……..looking forward to 2024 (not around for Stratton)

Build journals / Re: Alvis Firebird Special
« on: 29 Aug 23, 06:13 pm »
Chassis - Finally got the chassis painted and floor and bulkhead panels all reattached attached.

HH - Everything ready for Honiton Hill, Body work as it was then attached!

What do you do on a rainy day! Get on with the body work!

Had fun creating the radiator surround, more shaping to go and a layer of glass but with a grill I hope it will look the part. Mascot and radiator badge will need some further fettling.

Bonnet sides are now filled in with foam, again needs filler and a layer of glass before any painting can begin!

Next is routing some recesses for the louvres and bonding them in getting more details, bonnet latches, exhaust outlet, air intake all need adding - more foam and glass.

Hi Nick,
I will add a post to my build log but in the meantime this is where I have got to…..see pic.

Last year was a great day out, lots to see….

‘Little Al’ is all loaded and ready for an early start!

See you there!

Build journals / Re: Alvis Firebird Special
« on: 20 Aug 23, 09:24 pm »
I feel I have been going backwards the last few weeks!!

Since running the chassis at Westonzoyland I have made some modifications, Front bracing - resulting in reshaping the floor pan, Crush tubes / inserts - for brake and axle mounts. Vents for engine bay - when I start on the tail.

This has resulted in a complete strip of everything and rebuild with painting all components - who knew painting took so long!

Im not completely happy with the paint job, tried Hammerite but found it tricky to apply, moved to a more traditional red oxide, undercoat, top coat, went for a satin finish which has turned out looking more like old fashioned underseal - well thats my story!!

Build journals / Re: MG M type
« on: 11 Aug 23, 08:18 pm »
Well done Nick good going like the exhaust.

Off Topic / Re: Transportation
« on: 02 Aug 23, 08:54 pm »
Hi Alex,
Most folk are using one of three options -
1) Some have or hire a van, most CK’s are less than 8ft.
2) M/C trailers for two bikes can be configured to take a CK - This is what I have, pic attached - work in progress!
3) Box or utility trailers also work well and provide protection.
I keep my CK on the trailer as this provides a good working height.
Hope this helps
Ian L

Forum Members / Re: New member AlexH
« on: 01 Aug 23, 06:10 pm »
Hi Alex,
Welcome to the world of CycleKarts!
There are a few of us in the Southwest and from time to time we have a builders meeting which may help you - We also have a WhatsApp group which I can add you to if you would like to PM me your mobile if you want to do this of course.
Details of the next builders meeting will be on this, but no date currently.
The build logs are a great place to start and will give you lots of ideas.
A few of us have been down the kitcar route and many skills a transferable, although CK’s are largely scratch built, with a good dose of fakery.
Best regards
Ian L

Build journals / Re: Alvis Firebird Special
« on: 01 Aug 23, 06:00 pm »
Still working on the body work - found this core material, which may be useful to others.

Proving useful for laminating up the more complex shapes.

I went for the 3mm thick and it is quite flexible, they say it’s formable with a hot air gun but I have found using as is is giving the best results.

Build journals / Re: Alvis Firebird Special
« on: 30 Jul 23, 07:09 pm »
Coach build continues
Having discovered Dibond at the WZL event - thanks Peter I got part of a sheet from a local sign company for the dash, cuts well with a metal blade in a jigsaw.
Progressing with bonding reinforcing strips to the edges of the ply - details details!
The body lifts off the chassis so as soon as I have enough finished and the attachment brackets in place I want to get on with painting the chassis.

Build journals / Re: MG M type
« on: 30 Jul 23, 06:57 pm »
Nice going Nick, will be interested to see it ‘in the real’

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