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For sale and wanted / CycleKart for sale ... NOW SOLD
« on: 24 Oct 22, 04:11 pm »
Now sold

Not sure if I will be there chaps, Iíll see nearer the time and see how Covid figures are in 6 weeks time

Sorry folks, Iíd hoped to be there but living in Wales we are in lockdown so no Cyclekarting for me again. Will miss you all. Keep dry and safe

Sadly I wonít be there folks. Iím still very tired a lot of days which is normal for the op I had. I just think the drive there and back would ware me out. Hopefully Iíll join you later in the year

Events / Re: Whilton mill kart track practice days.
« on: 22 Mar 20, 01:49 pm »
Sorry folks I wonít be attending. This is the time to stay at home and build things not get together in groups. Itís only six weeks since Alex & I had transplant surgery so I canít take any risks

Off Topic / Does self isolating mean more building time .?
« on: 15 Mar 20, 05:25 pm »
Thereís got to be a bit of a bright side to staying at home and isolating yourself from this Coronavirus so we need plan ahead folks. Get materials in as you wonít be able to rely on EBay if all the delivery drivers in the country are self isolating. Donít run out of welding gas.

Iíd like to be there, not sure if Iíll be driving my Cyclekart at that point but ďI am missing the smell of CycleKarts in the morningĒ :) :) :)

Events / Re: Whilton mill kart track practice days.
« on: 01 Mar 20, 12:03 am »
Count me in chaps once Iíve made a full recovery, Iíll be itching to get onto that track

Tech Forum / Re: Stretton are you clockwise or anti?
« on: 31 Dec 19, 12:27 pm »
Iíve only ever driven it clockwise. Looking forward to going round the other way some time

Yes itís a possibility for me but itís a a good 4+hr drive , Iíll know a bit nearer the time

Yes Iíd love to come if I can. The museum is great so is the coffee shop / cafe

Events / Re: Events calendar
« on: 15 Oct 19, 11:08 pm »
What ever we do in planning dates forward it will always clash with something that somebody else has planned. We canít  work round motoracing events for the few that might get to them.

Yes, count me in folks 👍👍👍

Tech Forum / Re: Kick start?
« on: 10 Oct 19, 11:10 pm »
Or......just buy an engine with an electric start 😳

Forum Members / Re: New member Richie
« on: 22 Sep 19, 08:50 am »
Hi Richie, good to have you join us.
As the guys have said, itís all about having fun
I really enjoyed the challenge of building my Cyclekart and keep tinkering to make it better
Our days we meet up are a blast. Great cheap fun. Stretton circuit is sort of mid country and a 2 - 3 hrs journey for most of us
Try and get along to our next meet and you will come way inspired

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