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Tech Forum / Re: Redbeards Garage, Road to horsepower.
« on: 24 Jan 23, 09:55 am »
Yes Jim - Looking into the possibilities of getting them here for Members.

Events / Re: Builders' Meet - 18th Jan
« on: 19 Jan 23, 12:18 pm »
Hello All, Just a message to thank everyone for participating in the first Online event of 2023 - great to meet you all and Talk the Torque!!! :)

We now want your feedback, we had a couple of logging on problems that have been noted but generally we were very pleased.

What do you want to Talk more about?
The Kart Basics? Wheels, axles, chassis and engine?
Skills - Welding, fibreglassing, fabrication, Moulds, panel making, 3D printing?

Would you be interested in a step by step of how best to get going?

Do you want to know more about the possibility of build plans and a basic chassis?

Or did you just like the open format of chatting with like minded folks and seeing where the conversation goes?

Either way, we are trying to build a like minded group of enthusiasts at CKGB and we want you to succeed in building your karts so the more you tell us the more we can hopefully bring to the table.

Please consider joining if you are thinking of becoming a member as it will really help us out - this is only all possibly from people giving their time. You can become as involved as you like at future events as we always need help with the events and setting up etc.

from all at Team CKGB - Thanks again and here's to a great season ahead in 2023!!

Happy Building

Events / Re: Builders' Meet - 18th Jan
« on: 19 Jan 23, 11:58 am »
Many thanks for organising the builders meet last night.

I needed a nudge to get things of the drawing board and start a mock-up.

I will look at the where to get stuff, but see that Motorcycle Products have C90 wheels in stock.

On that topic I could do with a pointer on do I go for all rear wheels, front and rear and do I need a speed take off hub? As I say I will did into the getting stuff site.

Many thanks


Hi Ian, thanks for the feedback, regarding the wheels, this is a bit of an ongoing debate so perhaps start a new thread as I am sure lots of people will be interested and in the same boat. This can be one of the most expensive parts of the cyclekart especially when you add tubes and tyres on top. The short answer is for some it may simply come down to availability, aesthetics and price. The only reason some people use front and rear C90 wheels as far as I know is they can be bought cheaper in pairs.

For example, if you search for honda cub parts you come across sites like madmunk - I purchased a set of these for my next build which are slightly wider and cater for lots more tyre choices - something else to think about. the quality of spoke is thicker as well than my others. They also include the drums incase you want to have brakes like Geoffs hornet!!!

Whichever route there is enough info and hub mounting solutions to work for them all - hope that helps, let everyone know what you find :)

Tech Forum / Re: Redbeards Garage, Road to horsepower.
« on: 18 Jan 23, 01:54 pm »
Thanks for posting this up Jim - Very interesting and as you say little data out there what does what. I also think the addition of the CVT makes everything a bit more unknown, add gearing differences and it all gets a bit of a giant head scratch, but great to follow someones progress in a controlled way  

Events / Re: Builders' Meet - 18th Jan
« on: 16 Jan 23, 01:56 pm »
Don't forget to register for Wednesday Evening's Online Builders Meet - Its free!!

the direct link to register is here

Off Topic / Re: Shuttleworth
« on: 17 Nov 22, 12:23 pm »
Some amazing machines there Jim  :)

Thanks Bill, Jim

Yes I am leaning towards the Alvis, also because no one has done one as well I don't think?. It certainly is a challenging body but I think we will have to start and see how things go!!! I am not a very good measurer, I sort of go by if it looks right!! I think I will have a go a doing a little visual mock up Illustration and see if it has the goods to really get stuck in  ;D

I have found a few other Alvis Silver Eagle Special images and the chassis is slightly different where it is raised at the front, this may be the way to go as I am trying to loose what has become known as the 'Hagrid' effect, so I am going to try and get as low down as possible so I actually look like I am in it rather than on it!! haha or all the rules would go out the window and it will be mahoosive!!!

A few more pics below
[ Guests cannot view attachments ]
[ Guests cannot view attachments ]
[ Guests cannot view attachments ]
[ Guests cannot view attachments ]
[ Guests cannot view attachments ]
[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

Here goes...

After figuring out quite a lot about my Cyclekarts over the last couple of years, what works, what doesn't where to get things, what breaks and what could do with improving, I thought that the time has come to stop progressing old number 27 and get back to my other CK which was started some time ago. Now I have sorted some of the other projects I had on the go and got some vital Mo Jo back for this I thought I would start a build thread and hopefully it will be of interest.

I am not an engineer, a fabricator or anything, so some of the aspects of building is a total head scratcher and I have made lots of questionable choices with parts and ideas to date - some worked some didn't but hey thats all part of it right!! I purchased a welder and over the last 18 months been getting more confident that my welding holds up out on the tracks and in places looks ok  :D ;)

For those who know me, my day job is a Graphic designer and therefore visualising is probably one of my strongest abilities. I am not a replicator as my skills generally let me down, so I have always been a huge supporter of creating what you like and what you can, using what you have around you or what is available, help from others and if required buy in what you need. I also try (where it works) bringing in skills from my trade to create the look I want - Both of my karts to date have been wrapped using vehicle wrap and bespoke graphics in particular on No 27.

However, I have two cars in mind for this next build so let me know what you think of my choices of inspiration!!

I stumbled across a machine that is a real bit of me and therefore the first choice is an Alvis Silver Eagle Special. From what I know, These machines have been built as 'Specials' on the 4 seater platforms much like other Riley and Mg's that have been given a second life!! Replicated to 1930's grand prix specs and made legible to compete at various events - cool car
[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

The second choice is a Riley kestrel 'Freddie Dixon' Special - Mainly due to the fact my Dad has a Kestrel and he would never let me do this to it  ;D ;D so I would plan to have a go at something like this
[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

What I do know is that I would have to become some sort of 'Louvre Guru' in either option but I recently made and 3D a louvre form that worked ok on test material but it was only very small so that may be something I choose carefully how many I am prepared to attempt!!

Lastly, is a picture of the chassis on the welding table as I am considering heights and how I am going to do the front to work with the leaf springs. I am using a Gemini front axle and smaller 500mm springs to reduce the overall length of this CK for no other reason that so it fits in the back of my 1960 chevy van (another questionable choice).
[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

Hopefully I will make some more progress over the coming weeks that is worth sharing.

Unfortunately today I got the first 2022 entry that had to be disqualified. It always hurts to do that, but I had no option.
The entry was by a well known cyclekart, the #23 Maserati "Boyle Special" Indycar.
The #23 is now owned by a newcomer to the sport, Mike Philpott, who bought it from EZ Burris earlier this year.

The Corona is a simple concept when it comes to the driving part, but the video production is usually where people make the mistakes.
In this case, the camera position was excellent, clear view of the road ahead, the speedometer was in clear view, with no glare or reflections.
All looked great, but the video came out all chopped/clipped/edited, and did not show the 2 runs in one continuous shot.
Also, the choice of speedometer had very small numbers, nearly impossible to see.

I am sure Mike's issues were due to technical issues with the GoPro and a poor choice of speedometer app.
But in order to maintain an equal level of transparency and fairness to the other competitors and fans of the event, this entry had to be flagged.

Mike had claimed a 46.2 mph average speed for his entry, which would be good enough to slot his Maserati into 4th place.
But since the video segment did not include 2 clear, complete, 30 second runs in a continuous video, I cant confirm the speed of the entry.
It unfortunately is beyond a penalty, and needs to be disqualified.

Hopefully MIke will be able to go out again today or tomorrow and correct those issues.

Carlos - Perhaps you could stipulate a specific GPS app to use going forward?

Mucho thanks to all that came along yesterday. I hope you all had an enjoyable day and went away happy. It was great to see some new faces and seven karts on track. It was also nice to see some spectators who are keen to build a CK and from the chats I had look like they're going to build some great machines ready for the start of next years season.
 My brief summary of the races. The Maybug Medal sprint challenge was done in the morning and everyone was given a chance to have two attempts of the flying start lap. The times were very close but I just managed on my second attempt to get 1st place with a 35.7 second lap.
 This gave us the grid positions for the endurance race with its Le mans style start. Wow what a hoot that was, everyone was nervous sat on the tyres on the opposite side of the track waiting for the last of the drivers to get ready. All eyes were on the flag start girl as she dropped the flag and the mad dash accross the track commenced. Drivers dived into their karts and were away spinning tyres as they pulled out into the chaos of people jostling for position. The first few laps went well and Chris L started pulling quite a lead. TBC got to go to work


I see you added a honker Andy !

Well spotted sir!! and I honked it loads!!! after sywell I decided that it was only way to get people to move  ;D


a few pics from the day - thanks to all those who travelled a long way to support the day both drivers, builders and spectators it is much appreciated  :)

For sale and wanted / Re: CycleKart for sale
« on: 26 Oct 22, 11:17 am »
This is great start for someone to get into Cyclekarts and to get out and drive very quickly, great value as well - good luck with the sale Steve

I have just checked the BBC weather and it's looking pretty good for Tuesday. Woohoo Its going to be a right laugh with lots of silly stuff and messing about in your fine creations. I will available for hokey cokey instructions during the day and this year we are also celebrating Andy Boultons 10 year reign as Dustons cross dressing champion. A mighty accomplishment that can only be achieved with hard work and dedication. He will be signing autographs on the day, I am pretty sure. Top Man Andy.

Thanks Jim, Such a shame you lost again, the creativity in your outfits really is quite amazing and the detail in your sequin work is truly next level. I am sure if you persevere you will make the podium next year, its a bit like the Cyclekart world championship, if only you had won that slalom event - whoops!!! bahhhaaaaah

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