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Bacon...sorry did someone say Bacon!!!
I like mine crispy with a dash of tommy sauce please!
Or failing that however it comes is just fine  ;D

Both are excellent choices, but for me hands down is the Alvis, everything about screams 'build me, build me!'

That's looking a right proper job! Congrates on how it's turning out.

Tech Forum / Re: Front suspension
« on: 19 Sep 22, 10:59 am »
Probably best to simplify this  ;D

Hang on a second, you'll be suggesting I go all sensible next...Bahhhhh humbug, never going to happen, not on my watch, I mean where's the fun in that!!!  ;D ;D ;D

Tech Forum / Re: Front suspension
« on: 19 Sep 22, 10:18 am »
Ok, Ok, lets try and answer some questions

Stef...the inspiration car is a 1938 ERA 'E' type GP1.
Sorry to Jim for any confusion, the Maserati is as finished as it's ever going to be, admittedly in a few pieces at the moment.
The reason for the original enquiry is, as anyone who has had a go in my Masser knows, the pedals are in a shall we say 'unique' position, however they make Xan sit too low, if I change them to suit him, I can't get in it let alone drive it. Can't make the pedal position adjustable because of a reinforcing bar in what is now the wrong seemed like a good idea at the time...DOH!
So Xan and I have decided to build a new CK, one to suit both of us, with pedals that are adjustable, thanks to a  car seat adjusting mechanism I have going spare. My first attempt at building a CK was GP1 so seems a good time to go back and give her another go.

The GP1 has twin trailing arms front suspension, a unusual arraignment worthy of copying if easy to achieve with my meager/none existent skills.

Tech Forum / Re: Front suspension
« on: 15 Sep 22, 08:53 am »
Tuckers front suspension...never come across that before, thanks for the info.

Tech Forum / Re: Front suspension
« on: 10 Sep 22, 10:06 am »
Interesting, very interesting...a socket extension!

Thanks for those ideas.

Tech Forum / Front suspension
« on: 09 Sep 22, 09:31 am »
Good morning all.

Looking at the inspiration car, it has twin trailing arms as it's front suspension, now how in the heck do I do that easily???
Let me emphasis the easily bit!!!
Any one know of an old light weight car I could rob, or can think of an simples way of achieving this?
Preferably using no more than scraps of plywood, empty sweet wrappers, and the change found down the back of the sofa!!!

Tech Forum / Re: Rear axle drive.
« on: 22 Aug 22, 12:53 pm »
Some people go with a GoKart differential, however much light, simpler, and cheaper is
Solid axle, with one wheel keyed and the other free to rotate...but what I did to give a
partial diff effect was put a split collar jammed against the wheel hub. Spins with the
axle but can rotate at a different rate to the fixed wheel.
The difference is very noticeable in the levels of tire ware.
Also yes I only have technically one wheel breaking...don't worry about it, it's fine. 

Where to get stuff / Re: Steering components
« on: 18 Aug 22, 05:47 pm »
Mine is just like a go kart...a triangular flange at the bottom of the steering column, which the
steering arms attach to. You can vary the 'speed' by how far the attachment of the arms is from the center
of the column...simple, cheap, and feels very alive!
The CK I've had a go in with a rack (Wolsey Hornet) is very civilized.
You pays your money and takes your choice.

Tech Forum / Re: spoke ripped out of rim on pit bike wheel
« on: 18 Aug 22, 10:30 am »
Brazing is an excellent and very these days undervalued system of joining metal.
The lower temperatures mean less distortion...heck they even used to braze racing
car chassis together.

Build journals / Re: Morgan F build
« on: 11 Jul 22, 08:55 am »
Yay, good to see you've made some progress.

Off Topic / Re: Well that has stuffed plans for a while!
« on: 01 Jul 22, 09:40 am »
Oooooo crud, sorry to hear that Rhys.

Events / Re: First Aid and Marshalling Training
« on: 30 May 22, 09:18 am »
Thanks for that link, I'll give that a look.

Build journals / Re: Konrads 1958 F1 Daily Driver
« on: 19 May 22, 10:17 pm »
Hi Konrad.
I to love the 1950's Grand Prix cars, so I choose a 1930's that was almost a 1950's style!
However re gearbox, whilst I sit in me comfy chair and think about driving a car changing gear is an integral part of the driving experience and fun... I can honestly
say while pounding around in a CK I've never had time to worry about gears, or even felt I wish I could grab another gear at any point.
Honestly I'm too busy hanging on and smiling from ear to ear.

I will also mention even with a standard engine (well no oil sensor and a tuned exhaust, no other toys added) it has gone a smidge, nay hairs breath over the speed you are talking about! (actually a whole heap more in fact but I'll say that very quietly)  ;)

As for drifting, doughnuting, and handbrake turn

Yes almost every corner, never tried but recon on gravel not a problem (apart from anyone watching who will get showered in peddles, and I've no handbrake!
Bare in mind everything you know about cars...pretty much doesn't apply to CK's.

And if you want a go with a no frills, one wheel driver, no extra toys on the engine CK you are quite welcome to give mine a go...I dare you not to be smiling when you get out of it.
Good luck with what ever you end up building.

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