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Build journals / Re: old number one
« on: 17 May 22, 09:59 am »
Well that works rather well.
Excellent idea, I wonder how tight a radius it would form?

Tech Forum / Re: EXHAUSTS
« on: 17 May 22, 09:51 am »
I ordered the none baffled one, because at the time it was the only one they offered...
And yes it make no discernible difference!
However they have on Ebay baffles to go in moped exhausts you can add, they come
in a lot of different sizes. I just havn't had a chance to experiment myself yet.

Build journals / Re: Bédélia
« on: 14 May 22, 10:57 am »
Interesting the Pilot is behind the passenger, is that
you can't where you are going to crash!!! Joking  :D

I think this is going to look great, and ironing out
the little kinks is a big part of the fun.

Tech Forum / Re: Aluminium Forming
« on: 13 May 22, 11:06 am »
As I was once told, by someone who know what they where on about...

'every thing can be made with hammers a shot bag and time, English wheels just
get's you a bigger pile of scrap metal even quicker if ya dunno what ya doing to start with'

Ooooooo I really like that Bimotore.
Stable mate for a Maser!

Possibly, although I'll say it very quietly not a CK.

Ooooooo I really like that Bimotore.

Tech Forum / Re: Reverse
« on: 07 May 22, 11:44 am »
Just throwing this out there...and be warned I'm not fully awake yet!!!
What if you have a ratchet on the hand lever as well.
So when the cart is going forwardthe lever stays still, but when you pull the lever back
both the ratchets engauge and backwards you go

Like I say, bit early and probably missing something obvious.

Tech Forum / Re: Tuning the GX200
« on: 03 May 22, 03:51 pm »
Are you suggesting any handicap for inside leg measurement?
I think we could easily even it out for those of us who don't have the legs of a Gazelle...everyone just stand 12 paces away from their CK...I recons that's anywhere from 3 foot for you, to 20 meters for the likes of Adrian and Stephan!!! (sorry Adrian and Stephan)

Hay if you make rice pudding properly a Lambo shouldn't be able to pull a skin off let alone three!!!
Although that's now got me wondering if we couldn't add our own version of tractor pulling to our contest's???

Tech Forum / Re: Tuning the GX200
« on: 03 May 22, 02:04 pm »
A couple of thoughts...

The fun isn't in the speed...I know counter intuitive but that's typical of CK's!
Mark, feel free to have a go in mine, I'm sorry to say all it has is a tuned exhaust (to up the torque slightly) and the oil sensor disconnected, and despite that's all it's got is still manages to be rather sprightly. soon as a CK is moving it indeed has become hazardous.
Graham, given how difficult some of these tuned engines are for people to start, could we introduce Le Mans style starts?  ;D  ;D  ;D Please  ;D

Off Topic / Re: The Autocar Handbook
« on: 22 Apr 22, 10:41 am »
Thanks for the recommendation Stephan.

And thanks for the link Chris.

Build journals / Re: Peugeot Quadrilette Grimaud
« on: 22 Apr 22, 10:23 am »
Well that's certainly got a nice bit of shape to it.

« on: 19 Apr 22, 10:51 pm »
Guilty as charged  ;D

Yup used 40mm solvent weld waste pipe.
I used black, so if the paint gets scratched or dinged
it won't show as bad as white. Rough the surface
and sprayed a suitable metal colour.
Also point out I used swept fitting as they looked
more realistic.

how does t hat work? Wouldn't the un-keyed hub be running on the axle without a bearing?

That's Exactly how mine works.

Build journals / Re: Inspiration Kart needed!
« on: 15 Apr 22, 01:28 pm »
Well first Adrian I don't think we ought to encourage you
but since you asked :-)

I have often thought about doing a 1922 Ballot as something very different to what normally appeals to me

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 12 Apr 22, 03:08 pm »
Can't beat a bit of Gothic Arch now and then!!!
Excellent work, can't wait to see it running.

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