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Tinkering, ah yes the final few little bits that actually take the longest time to do!!!

Where to get stuff / Re: Carb cleaner.
« on: 24 Mar 19, 04:09 pm »
Yes I turned the tap off.
No I didn't run engine to a stop.
Re th 31st it's looking unlikely. :( But I ain't given up yet.

Off Topic / Re: Competition time!
« on: 24 Mar 19, 10:26 am »
I've got a bit of time next week, I'll try and draw
what I didn't explain very well, nice try at interpreting my gibberish!

Where to get stuff / Carb cleaner.
« on: 24 Mar 19, 10:18 am »
Good morning folks.

After not having started my engine for nearly 5 months, went to start it, and it wouldn't.
Checked spark, it had fuel. Did some research, and it seemed the carb might have been gummed up.
Went to Halfords and bought some Wynn's air intake and carburettor cleaner.
500ml spray can, £7.00. Five little squrts and the second pull on the starter she fired up.
Great stuff and pottentially saves you manually stripping and cleaning your carb.

Events / Re: British Motor Museum Tues 19th Feb 2019
« on: 15 Feb 19, 12:04 pm »
Would love to, however this half term week is bad
as the whole family is involved with the Village pantomime (of all things)

Off Topic / Re: Competition time!
« on: 15 Feb 19, 11:59 am »
Feel I'm a bit late to this but...

There's two designs that stand out so could I suggest melding of two the designs together.
The car and wings/banner of option B
and adding the steering wheel of option C where option B has the words.
Can't help but feel that would result in a very strong design and visual
representation of what we are trying to recreate.

Events / Re: Another offer made to us!
« on: 25 Jan 19, 04:13 pm »
Interested...danger of me ending up sleeping in the shed with 2 weekends of Ck'ing!

Do we need to pay deposit by a certain date, or just pay on the day???
Also, thank you for organising this :)

Tech Forum / Re: Tips and tricks with tools
« on: 15 Jan 19, 02:54 pm »
If I might add...

When making a former or piece of bodywork out of layers of polystyrene, that needs to be sanded or surformed.
Do not glue them together, or at least don't allow the glue to spread to the areas that are to be sanded.
The glue line will sand at a different (slower)rate than the bare polystyrene, thereby creating ridges that are a real pain to deal with.

Build journals / Re: CK 1 (ERA) build
« on: 15 Jan 19, 02:22 pm »
The pictures seem fine to me.
And great car choice, always liked ERA's myself.
Cockpit size is a compromise but very important to get correct, the first time I tried
to build a CK, an ERA 'E' type, I could get in but not out...opps!

Forum Members / Re: New member TheGiantTribble
« on: 14 Jan 19, 05:54 pm »
Good afternoon All.

CK builder in Essex. No special skills, just grim determination.
Have a almost finished CK based on a late 1930's Maserati 750, a V8 in a field of straight 6's and 8's  8)
Standard build, 3 x 1" steel chassis rails, plywood and fibreglass body, with bits of aluminium to look like it's a real car, and red paint 'cause we all know red ones go faster!

Once the Masa is finished have plans afoot to go with a front engined, rear wheel drive, and yes Rhys I know
it's not necessary and all's a challenge and I want to  :P :P

Events / Re: Stretton Circuit (Leicester). 2019
« on: 13 Jan 19, 04:56 pm »
I agree, Nick seems very keen to help and assist, and if for no other reason we should support his venue.
Also the Stretton circuit is very attractive, with plenty of atmospheric photo opportunities, and an interesting track layout.
Re 5th May...put me down I'll get there. 

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