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Tech Forum / Re: Electric powered
« on: 12 Apr 22, 09:51 am »
Stephan and his son are the people to speak to.
His son Marek is building an electric CK, and they have lots of
information on the subbject.

6000 RPM!!!
7000 RPM!!!!!!
Wow sounds like a right 'Beast' of an engine you are building :-)
(did you see what I did there)
Can't wait to see and hear this here build of yours.

Events / Re: Red Lodge Practice Day Wed April 27th
« on: 10 Apr 22, 11:16 am »
Myself and my co-pilot will be there.

Do we need to pay in advance and if so who and how, or cash on the day???

Sorry late to the party on this one...
Mines fibreglass over variously plywood, polystyrene, and the odd bit of timber.
Also defo not one of the nicer finish's but a few hours rubbing down and then
re painting would fix most of it's problems in that dept.

Tech Forum / Re: Fitting Body Tub
« on: 05 Apr 22, 10:20 am »
My Plywood monocoque has the chassis rails bolted to it.
However I also added three brackets each side to sit ontop of the rails
just to give it that little bit extra support.

For sale and wanted / Re: Wanted - 15T 219 chain sprocket.
« on: 01 Apr 22, 09:27 am »
How much!!! Yikes

Bit of a long shot but you could try RS components UK
They have a huge list of sprockets, sorry at work so cant see if they have your exact one.

Forum Members / Re: Graham Hill
« on: 28 Mar 22, 10:47 am »
Well I would certainly be interested
And weekdays are fine (Especially Wed and Thurs)
Are you on the 700m or 1200m track layout???

Tech Forum / Re: Spring travel
« on: 28 Mar 22, 09:51 am »
One of the things about CK's is although they are light and not that fast, the large diameter of the wheels
seems to increase the effect of force acting on the suspension...leverage I guess.
So I wouldn't worry about not much movement when you load it with a static load.
Also I can't help wondering...old cars often had their springs wrapped with string/rope, might be an idea, not
to look authentic (although it's a good excuse)but to assist with resisting the wood from splitting???
Also love the use of a 2 foot ruler...Genius!

Off Topic / Re: The Other Project
« on: 22 Mar 22, 12:24 pm »
What gauge track is that monster being made for???

Right now everyone has got off their soapbox's, back to the original question.

For myself it would be nice to have available 'in house'
Hubs, Axles, Wheels.

Build journals / Re: The Beast of Turin
« on: 21 Mar 22, 03:53 pm »

That's a great a read.
Kelly has a great way with words!

Tech Forum / Re: HDPE springs
« on: 21 Feb 22, 10:54 am »
You could easily put a block of something on the bottom of the chassis
rail, over the center of the springs to stop them deflecting enough to go inside out...just a thought.

Events / Re: Brooklands Era Relived 9th July 2022
« on: 18 Feb 22, 04:57 pm »
Oh hell yeah!
And I might have the Vauxhall finished by then...wonder if they'll let me
park it next to the car it's based on???

Tech Forum / Re: Cyclekart weight
« on: 14 Feb 22, 10:30 am »
That Voisen is beautiful, can you remember what thickness
Aluminium you used Rhys?

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