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Build journals / Re: Frazer Nash Norris Special
« on: 27 Dec 21, 06:20 pm »
depending on what skills or equipment you have you could TIG weld aluminium louvre panels in to cut outs. If you dont have a TIG welder you could try braising it in or using some other sort of bonding or back panels to bond them in. Some body filler and paint and you probably would know that they arent stamped in. Alternatively a louvre stamp can be 3D printed when working with aluminium (as long as its not too thick) or you can rivet on louvre panels. Luckily the louvres on the Fazer Nash are all the same length down the side of the bonnet which simplifies things

Build journals / Re: Frazer Nash Norris Special
« on: 27 Dec 21, 04:33 pm »
Loving the dog leg in those panels like the original (i'm assuming its the blue one owned by Julian Grimwade).How did you do these.
aslo... GRP? is that a different name fore fibreglass or is that a different material. not heard of it before.

Build journals / Re: Frazer Nash Norris Special
« on: 26 Dec 21, 04:40 pm »
Cool looking build!

Off Topic / Re: Merry Christmas
« on: 19 Dec 21, 02:50 pm »
Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy the festive holiday and cant wait to see you all in the new year.

Build journals / Re: Bugatti type 35 build
« on: 10 Dec 21, 07:42 pm »
WOW WOW WOW!!! Very impressive indeed! aluminium rails? if so, very impressed with the TIG welding.

Off Topic / Re: Jim's Operation
« on: 05 Nov 21, 09:45 am »
We have to keep an eye on your Jim with all this titanium weight reduction ;) keep well!

WOW this is intense!

A very fast run! Impressive

Events / Making driving events better
« on: 24 Oct 21, 09:51 am »
A simple and easy way of marking a slalom (For when Jim's slalom posts arent available)

Hi Jim. Could I have an Oblivian burger please. Should keep me sufficiently slow

Events / Re: Bicester Scramble - Sunday 10th Oct
« on: 14 Oct 21, 07:28 am »
Been busy with school but will hopefully have all the pictures sorted soon and I will put them all up on the facebook group! Not loads of the CKs but some that I am quite happy with.

Not sure where Stefan got that information. I am not at school on that date. Hopefully I am free to come along as it looks like a good event!

Events / Re: National Microcar Rally 2021 8th-13th Sept
« on: 14 Sep 21, 04:26 pm »
It looks good! Fits in well too

Build journals / Re: Dodge baquet ish build.
« on: 09 Sep 21, 07:04 am »
Thats one of the brilliant things about cyclekarting. If you fancy adding this that or whatever.... you can. and you can build a kart and then edit it in the future. looks like a nice tail shape.

Events / Re: Videos and raw footage
« on: 04 Sep 21, 06:17 pm »

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