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Build journals / Re: MG M type
« on: 02 Jun 23, 07:18 am »
If in doubt DOT5, as it is used in most motorcycles and is less prone to water absorption.

Events / Race the Waves 2024 - May 9th to 12th
« on: 01 Jun 23, 08:31 am »
Good morning all.
I have been in touch with the organiser of this event in Bridlington for next year and they are keen on having us to participate, as we fit the ethos of what they are trying to achieve, with initial thoughts of having a circuit for lunchtime entertainment each day on the beach and possibly 1/8th mile drags.
This is early days planning and a gauge of interest so if it tickles your taste-buds please indicate that you are considering it below.
The event had some 80,000 people participating and watching this year in April and accommodation for next year is getting pretty booked up already in the hotels around town. Sounds like a good do! As we say up north.
Camping is available at a discount at the recommended campsite, by using the 15% discount code RACE15 (valid until 31st July 2023)
You can reserve a pitch for a £10. If you book until the Sunday, extensions to the stay until 5pm may be available subject to demand.
As I said at the start, this is early stage planning so watch this space for updates, it should be a great event with some excellent feedback received from people I know who attended this year.

Build journals / Re: MG M type
« on: 23 May 23, 06:21 pm »
Worth a shot, if it fails, zigzag springs and a bit of foam or an inner tube partially inflated in a case?

Build journals / Re: ERA "R.1.B"
« on: 20 May 23, 11:30 am »
That is taking shape as a very easy on the eye machine. Good work!

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 19 May 23, 06:47 am »
Commentary for mine Jim, sorry I can't make it :-(

" Well the cyclekart known as slippery Jim is nowhere in sight! Literally nowhere to be seen at all, added stealth technology by the driver painting his kart with blended octopus and chameleon corpses  makes it hard for the opposition to see just how well he's doing! His driver skillfully avoids all photographic evidence as he probably rounds the bends with great aplomb and not much of a to-do, we think. The plucky three wheeler is powered by three hamsters in a wheel coaxed gently around with a copy of play-hamster on a string at idle and uses a vicious pixie dressed in bondage gear as a cox when the accelerator is floored - we hear he may acquire a mystic supercharger for future events. Apart from enjoying Viking re-enactment and the illegal transportation of small Australian birds hidden in lycra, the driver, also known by the alias Jim, pingu (for some unknown reason) and Ivar Thor-Heilbo, has been driving for nearly a season and is gaining momentum - slowly, and we mean slowly"

Slippery Jim is proudly sponsored by Albert Fegworthys' seaside emporium and general knick-knackery.

Build journals / Re: Austin 7 Ulster - Build Journal
« on: 15 May 23, 12:01 pm »
Looking good Glynn, hope that the Star and Garter is a great day for you, wish I could join but away 😁

Where to get stuff / Re: Hyundai engine sale
« on: 12 May 23, 08:21 am »
Rhys, agreed. But now Denny is setting traps over there by showing monster bored out 212 cc things to 263cc and saying that is he wasn't retired and had the desire he would have a go at it!

". I know I would if it weren't that I'm a long time retired guy who tain't got the geedis now a days.
dg "

A man of contradictions, as we all are.
My point was about reliability. I will say that as many times as I can. If you add a component that costs, at most a hundred bucks plus postage - eighty bucks the numerous times he has a sale during the year I have been watching him and it saves you buying one billet con rod, let alone all the other components you have to use to get your engine to such power as to muller two con rods in the first place and whatever else you might damage along the way, is it a false economy not to have one?
An example. A highly tuned but unreliable vehicle is fast for three laps then stops for tinkering or goes back on the trailer. This happens quite a bit. Some people travel great distances to attend events, even pay for hotels to stop over, track fees, fuel, food out, (BEER  ;D ) What price reliability? One meet like that and I would burn through more than a hundred bucks with a bad taste in my mouth and be no wiser with a list of jobs to do in the garage when I got home.
Most of our received wisdom on engine tuning is from the kart scene. Small wheels, light karts, high revving engines with many rules of what you can and cannot do to them. It has become prescribed and set due to rules. Kart tuners use these rules to wring the most out of the engines within the rules and the life of these engines is measured in hours with an engine not reaching its full potential for a few hours then lasting a season and getting worse or breaking.
I argue that perhaps, given the only rule we have is 10hp max -again, a sensible rule that ensures we can insure them and be relatively safe, keep the hobby accessible to new entrants and stop an arms race of bought components that can easily triple the price of an engine whilst making it less reliable- We should look to reliability and the fun we can have within the power we are allowed. I would not like to utilise all 10hp around a tight and twisty track in a three wheeler and didn't- The goal should be to broaden the power band to stop machines bogging down in the corners as much, keeping the machines drive-able, whilst building for reliability so we get to enjoy many laps.
If I have achieved this I am not sure yet but that is my aim it could still prove unreliable or unsuited. (Notice how I have not yet published my findings so far on the CDI thread I started?) I am, like most of us, a tinkerer. If I fail I try again. I first had the idea looking at what the vintage motorcycle people do to make their bikes a little less likely to snap your leg on starting and be more reliable - hence the CDI kit- Since putting it on, I have also looked at how to knit one out of bits cheaply available off the internet that might, if it works, get the price down to about £30. (two rounds of drinks for four up north, bloody expensive!).
I hope that fully explains my thought on this Rhys. It is not intended as an arms race for speed or power. It is intended to keep the cyclekart usable and reliable. If it does not do these things I will bin the idea as, as yet, it is an experiment.

Where to get stuff / Re: Hyundai engine sale
« on: 11 May 23, 08:45 am »
Gemini usually include VAT, but not delivery.
JimR, are you going to comment about 212 con rods as on the US site?
I did comment about the reasons that they may be failing, as the post was about failing con rods, personally I think that it is probably down to too much tuning on an engine that was designed for less power. The poster seemed intent on fixing the problem with billet con rods. That just moves the problem of too much power to the next weakest component. We add a bit to the 6.5 - 7.5 HP standard tune in the U.K. but the 10 HP we limit ourselves to, which is sensible as these things are basically works of art with an engine for fun and enjoyment of both the driver and the onlooker, is probably not going to threaten the engine too seriously unless the work done to it is not done carefully.
The road to horsepower series of videos by Redbeards garage I linked to earlier has moved way beyond our needs now but I still follow it. The last video I watched in this series had the motor at about 17HP and it broke. It is notable from that series that the gains to achieve 10HP were mostly done by simple mods namely governor removal, 18LB valve springs and a new carb. All these mods can be easily transferred to a new, cheap, engine should the worst happen and we have failure. I think I would prefer looking at our 10HP limit in terms of usability (wider power band/ low end torque) and reliability and design mods around those criteria.
I think that thread in the U.S. has gone quiet now Rhys.

Where to get stuff / Re: Hyundai engine sale
« on: 11 May 23, 12:40 am »
Are Gemini prices without VAT and delivery? Those are inclusive

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 10 May 23, 07:30 pm »
No Chris 😁 last corner of the right left hairpin going clockwise, didn't go quickly enough to scare myself on that one 😁😁😁🤞

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 10 May 23, 11:18 am »
Well the trailer and the BSA made it to Stretton without incident and a grand day out was had.
The BSA proved reliable on the day, the new steering rack was a joy to use compared with the old Pitman arm set up and the tweaks to the geometry seemed to work.
The CDI system worked a treat with smoother power delivery across the rev range and a quieter engine. As before when I have driven it, it never felt like it was at its limit for power but I doubt I have topped 10hp with it. (I have no dyno) For this circuit, the power was more than sufficient.
I mostly kept it on three wheels, tight corners and too much power on the exit at slow speed was the cause of wheel lift each time. (same corner)
I was not quick. I suspected that the lack of a fourth wheel might make me a little slower and this proved the case. However, if you multiplied our lap times by our wheel count then the BSA was very near the other cars on the few timed laps we did.
As always I come away wanting to tweak a couple of things, less so than last time though.
The spark plug after a good thrashing shows the engine to be slightly lean - I will re jet the carburetor to the next size up main jet for next time.
I need a couple of touch ups on the paint on the spinners (oops) and the hood ornament  ;D
But that is about it. For a first test with corners I am very happy with "Slippery Jim"

... I bet it's not William 🤣

A brilliant day, and thank you for the organisation. Well worth the trip. The BSA stayed mainly on three wheels with the odd exception corrected quickly and performed well. A first test for it around the bends. The new mods have improved it, loving the steering now with the new rack and the ignition system proved itself too.
The sun shined on us and my face is feeling a bit tight this morning. Cumbrian sunshine tends to be wetter! :-)

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