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Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 02 May 23, 07:52 am »
You think it needs some Hawaiian flowers and a "mystery machine" log on it Stefan?  ;D ;D ;D

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 30 Apr 23, 03:44 pm »
Trailer canopy now ready for road testing. Think that is wise before heading down the M6 with it.
Fingers crossed 🤞

Where to get stuff / Re: 219 front sprocket
« on: 30 Apr 23, 08:46 am »
Horses for courses Nick, and across the web differing opinions exist. Sprockets for 219 tend to be smaller in diameter for a given tooth number and the chain runs smoother but is potentially weaker than a larger pitch chain. See this article...
420 chain is for motorcycle applications up to about 125cc usually, so, arguably, as we use a similar size wheel and have a similar torque transfer as a 125 to it, it should work out fine.
If you hold store in the article I sent you above, and I am not sure I do, then 219 should break more readily. I have not heard of a 219 chain breaking on any of the cyclekarts so far.
This probably has you no wiser  ;D
Also this...


Build journals / Re: Bédélia
« on: 28 Apr 23, 06:46 am »
Looks like more good progress on your blog Peter ( ) Can't be far of running now!  ;D

Don't fry me any bacon :-) not my bag. Left or right is the same to me, if I were to express a preference, I dress to the left  :D :D :D
The questionis do I turn the tyre around for an anti-clockwise track???  ??? ??? ::) ;D ;D ;D

Build journals / Re: MG M type
« on: 23 Apr 23, 08:41 am »
If you are on 420 chain, 289mm Nick

Build journals / Re: 1936 Austin 7 twin cam racer
« on: 23 Apr 23, 07:18 am »
Loving the engine bay, it's looking very good!

Events / Re: VSCC Meeting Silverstone
« on: 21 Apr 23, 09:13 am »
I would say a loud yes Jim  :) 😁

Events / Re: VSCC Meeting Silverstone
« on: 20 Apr 23, 03:25 pm »
Looks like we have a show with at least four cyclekarts! Should be good static or mobile. I have de-pilled the tweed jacket, polished my helmet and packed the funky trunk into the boot of the tow car. I hope that the overalls still fit.
Any news back from VSCC greatly appreciated.

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 19 Apr 23, 11:13 am »
Getting things ship shape for Silverstone, Slippery Jim rides again!
The canopy is still in need of paint, the door hanging and all the fasteners securing so that will have to be at a future event.

Events / Re: VSCC Meeting Silverstone
« on: 19 Apr 23, 11:03 am »
Thanks Stefan, on the Silverstone website, it looks like the historic testing sessions are on the Friday afternoon. As we are not testing, it looks like from this that it will be a possibility. There seems to be no way of connecting to an actual human being on the Silverstone site to verify this though. A contact for the VSCC might yield an answer?

Events / Re: VSCC Meeting Silverstone
« on: 19 Apr 23, 08:10 am »
I will be stopping the night before at the Paisely Pear Stefan, I guess that dropping the cyclekart off will be in the morning? or is there access the night before?

Where to get stuff / Re: Torsion Springs
« on: 18 Apr 23, 08:32 am »
Unless you are lucky Stefan, and a clothes peg yields the perfect one, it might be your best shot.  :)

Off Topic / Re: puzzle corner
« on: 15 Apr 23, 07:02 am »
Another puzzle another legend, this time with cryptic and straight forward clues, choose your weapon!

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