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Off Topic / Re: puzzle corner
« on: 15 Apr 23, 06:33 am »
Answers to last crossword on hill climbs.

Build journals / Re: MG M type
« on: 15 Apr 23, 06:25 am »
Check out Stefan's guide to brakes in the tech forum Nick...

Off Topic / Re: CKGB T shirts
« on: 10 Apr 23, 12:14 pm »
Spot on Andy. Thanks for this

Off Topic / Re: CKGB T shirts
« on: 10 Apr 23, 10:50 am »
One XL please, but how much?

Off Topic / Re: CKGB T shirts
« on: 09 Apr 23, 07:27 am »
Struggling to see the link on the website Jim, not under news or shop? Can you post it up here?

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 08 Apr 23, 07:30 am »
Great cause Jim, are you going to be sorting out a just giving page for this event for those of us who unfortunately can't make it 😭

Build journals / Re: MG M type
« on: 08 Apr 23, 07:26 am »
I had the opposite problem with my wheels, one came with sprung bearing seals and a shorter crush tube and distance between bearing seats, the other came with sealed bearings and the bearing seats, crush tubes further apart/longer.
I made spacers to fit inside the bearing seats of the one with the separate oil seals and replaced all bearings with sealed ones. This gave the distance apart the bearings are the same dimension. Also it should be the stronger of the two options. I have the longer stub axles on mine, mount the brake mounts innermost, had to do a spot of grinding for fit to the stub carrier and the stubs are spacer free and about 8mm into the outer 10mm bearing.

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 05 Apr 23, 06:01 pm »
Been experimenting with paint and an iron for shrinking. I have the sides and half the end skinned and am full of the joys of spring

Build journals / Re: Something different.
« on: 05 Apr 23, 04:48 pm »
looks like the start of another fine work of art Jim  :)

Build journals / Re: Vale Special.
« on: 05 Apr 23, 07:48 am »
You must be fairly near a running and stopping chassis for testing now Noel, and those pedals look sweet. Time soon for a video of the chassis moving? Always a momentous occasion.  ;D

Build journals / Re: MG M type
« on: 02 Apr 23, 07:35 am »
Looking sweet Nick

Build journals / Re: MG M type
« on: 01 Apr 23, 06:27 pm »
Yes to the bearings, you will also need new anti crush tubes between the bearings Nick. I don't know anyone using the Gemini clone TAV, but Hutt imports do one for about £85 delivered
The tube with care can be cut to length with a plumbers pipe cutter

Off Topic / Re: puzzle corner
« on: 01 Apr 23, 02:54 pm »
... And yet another entitled running up that hill...

Off Topic / Re: puzzle corner
« on: 01 Apr 23, 02:53 pm »
Answers to the last crossword...

Build journals / Re: Vale Special.
« on: 01 Apr 23, 02:27 pm »
I'm a big fan of the work too Noel!  ;)

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