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Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 14 Mar 22, 04:52 pm »
Front uprights together today, thanks to a welder mate and a very accurate turner friend the Olite top hat bushes fit a treat.
I have bushed the spring hinges in nylon and hope that the friction when I nip them together damps the system slightly (who knows?)

Didn't turn out too far away from the CAD model
I had one hairy moment when I set the first one up caster forward by accident and the steering arm clashed with the hinge (wrong side! Doh!) but now I have something to tie the springs together. Yay!

Where to get stuff / Re: Torque converter
« on: 14 Mar 22, 06:27 am »
PITA is just American shorthand for something that is irksome... (Pain in the ass)  ;D

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 12 Mar 22, 06:23 pm »
This week I have been mostly...

Getting the tyres and tubes on so the rims don't get too battered with all the fitting

Making the wooden chassis and gusseting it with ply (back end still to finalise now I have my motor, TAV and wheels)

Scratching my head on how to attach the back end and flukeing a discounted internal lintel at B+Q for a fiver that seems up to the job with a bit of grinding and drilling.

Grinding the lintel and wearing my cutting disc down to a nub and blowing a battery on the grinder

Scratching my head regarding the engine mounting plate and coming up with a cunning plan

Thinking hard about the spring set up

Persuading a colleague who turns to turn up some stuff for various spacers, bearing mounts

And having the occasional beer. Worked up until I get bits now - have brakes going around my head but I have a lot to do in the garden tomorrow so time to put the Kart on the back burner until I can get my hands on the drill press and a 15mm drill at work.

Where to get stuff / Re: Torque converter
« on: 12 Mar 22, 02:21 pm »
If you do go ahead and order the TAV, and you already have a motor with a 3/4" shaft, you will need a bolt to suit the motor shaft as the one that comes with the TAV is too short (for my motor) and the wrong thread (again, for my motor)
I ended up with a 2 1/2" x 5/16 UNF fine thread bolt.
I had to buy 5, a trip into town costs more in fuel than the bolts and postage ;-)

Where to get stuff / Re: Torque converter
« on: 11 Mar 22, 07:44 pm »
I just got mine delivered from Czech Republic without incurring any import tarrif for aboutŁ60...

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 11 Mar 22, 12:16 pm »
Been playing around with the rear end now the TAV and engine are here. Looks like I can just get it in behind the bulkhead if I have the TAV in this location.
Having had no experience of setting up a TAV, is their any difference in functionality in differing positions?

Tech Forum / Re: This is doing my head in!
« on: 10 Mar 22, 05:30 pm »
... To explain my logic.
You have a 6:1 ratio from TAV to jack shaft, a ratio we see as standard on the Stevenson formula.

You require a ratio of 6.5:1

 your ratio is 0.923 of the ratio you have. (6/6.5)

0.923 of 45 is somewhere between 41 and 42 (41.53)

Tech Forum / Re: This is doing my head in!
« on: 10 Mar 22, 05:05 pm »
... By my maths, which is not infallible, a sprocket of 41.538 teeth would be an impossibility

Tech Forum / Re: This is doing my head in!
« on: 10 Mar 22, 05:02 pm »
41 or 42

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 09 Mar 22, 06:47 am »
... I suppose if one were to go down that route of front engine, shaft, final drive. It could be possible to put a 1:1 bevel box at the wheel end of the shaft and add a TAV to the output with chain final drive.
If you got the bevel box output shaft on the same rotational axis as a swing arm pivot, you could design a swing arm with two pivots (one either side of the box) and suspend the rear end with torsion bars made from socket set bars.

... But complexity and weight are always just other things waiting to go wrong. :-)
I will keep it simple this time. ;-)

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 07 Mar 22, 12:09 pm »
The nearest thing in a honda lawnmower engine...
Just a tad more power than we should use :-)

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 06 Mar 22, 06:30 pm »
Looking very neat Jim, and great progress for the day.

Remind me please - will it be front or rear engine?
Rear, I think for a first shot at a cyclekart, the drive needs to be as simple as possible. I suppose it is actually mid engined  as I am trying to squeeze it in between the seat and the smaller rear wheel. The motor and TAV should be here mid. March and until then I can't finalise the chassis. Plenty to do until then. 😁

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 06 Mar 22, 03:41 pm »
Well, the expensive bit might be on the wane now. Ordered a clone Honda Gx200 and a clone TAV. These might not be the highest quality items available "on't tinternet" but it is a start, and until proven, the whole concept should not be too powerful. More gloriously sunny grinding and fitting today.

Job one.
 Finish the front upright body ready for welding and make a foolproof jig for my friend the welder.

Job two.
 Make a chuck out of scrap wood to mount the big rear cog on my wood lathe to put a keyway in to match the key on the wheel face - An epic battle of high speed steel vs high carbon steel and willpower. all I can say is it worked. It might not have met health and safety requirements of a workplace, but I am not at work! (the alternative was to remove the key from the wheel with a grinder)

Job three.
 Emery a few thousandths off the spacers on the Gemini hub/spindles to make a polished sliding fit into the 16mm rose joints (see CAD image earlier in this thread)

Job four.
 Set out centres on carriers for drilling to accept rose joints set to a 6 degree caster.

Drink a beer in sunshine and draw spacers for turning.
Another good day.

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 05 Mar 22, 05:06 pm »
What a beautiful day! I get to see you fellows on Zoom and five hours grinding metal in the sun. All in all a good one.

Tech Forum / Pit bike SDG wheel bearing spacers
« on: 04 Mar 22, 01:55 pm »
Having just got two outwardly identical front 17" pit bike wheels and stripped the bearings out, I find that they have differing bearing spaces.
Spacer tube 1 is 53.3mm long and the wheel had no dust seals
Spacer tube 2 is 42.2mm and had dust seals.

I have the Gemini 70mm stub axles (measure just over 69mm) which would indicate that the 53.3mm one plus 2 10mm bearings would be about 4mm of tightening down.

two questions.
Q1. Is 4mm of tightening down too much (or too little)?
Q.2 The seats on the hub are deeper on the one with dust seals. I intend to get as much space between the bearings as I can for better lateral load handling, do I need to shim out the depth of the seats to stop the bearings moving or is this not an issue.
Thanks for your responses in advance,

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