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Events / Re: Race the Waves 2024 - May 9th to 12th
« on: 01 Jun 23, 07:03 pm »
Yeah, well up for that especially as we have the dates already. Funny old thing but I can't make Brooklands and I have organised a Spartan Car Club weekend in Yorkshire, and we will be going to Bridlington on the Sunday to watch the hot rods drag racing on the beach ,🤗😎

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 31 May 23, 06:46 pm »
Motorhome passed its MOT today, so getting taxed tomorrow and will be there early Saturday to help set it up, can't wait 😄

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 31 May 23, 01:39 pm »
Hi Jim, I emailed my commentators notes to you, really looking forward to this event 😄

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 13 May 23, 08:06 pm »
Brilliant, really looking forward to this 🤗😎😁

And is his name Damon? 😉

Many thanks to all involved for an absolutely cracking day at Stretton.  The track is certainly showing its age, but absolutely loved all the varying surface and camber changes. All the trees also add to the feel and look of the track.
Wishing a speedy recovery for broken bones, chains, ignitions etc and hope to see you all soon at the Star & Garter 🤗😎😁

Where to get stuff / Re: 219 front sprocket
« on: 01 May 23, 12:41 pm »
Thanks Nick, I was hoping it would be 14 ☹️

Where to get stuff / Re: 219 front sprocket
« on: 01 May 23, 07:55 am »
4.5" should be fine as there's no suspension travel.  By the way how many teeth do the Gemini 219 front sprockets have?

For sale and wanted / Re: Lights
« on: 21 Apr 23, 10:40 am »
Are they clear glass as in the photo or blue glass as in the link? If they are clear I might be interested, so could you bring them to Silverstone please

Events / Re: VSCC Meeting Silverstone
« on: 21 Apr 23, 10:36 am »
Yes, it looks great. Note that from memory the walls of the garages are white painted breeze blocks, so can also bodge tape things to the wall

Events / Re: VSCC Meeting Silverstone
« on: 20 Apr 23, 07:53 pm »
For those not familiar with Silverstone, our garage will be the last garage just before Copse corner. It is just before the scrutineering area. At 09:00 in the morning the area behind the garages will be very busy with cars being unloaded and going to scrutineering. I would suggest it's best to avoid that area and approach our garage from the scrutineering area. So after you have crossed the bridge over wellington straight you will come to a roundabout. Take the first exit and at the next T junction turn right and at the next T junction turn left. This will take you to the scrutineering area then it's just a short distance through all the congestion to the garage. Have a look on Google maps and it should make sense.

Events / Re: VSCC Meeting Silverstone
« on: 20 Apr 23, 07:46 pm »
Wow, 8 cyclekarts will be great 😁
The garages at Silverstone are quite large so we should all fit in nicely. The garages open directly onto the put lane so it should be very atmospheric

Build journals / Re: MG M type
« on: 20 Apr 23, 05:49 pm »
They look great 🤗
Regarding brakes, I have mechanical ones and once properly set up they worked very well at Whilton last year. I bought a secondhand kart as a source for most of my parts. This had a mechanical brake so that's why I used one. If buying new I would probably have gone for hydraulic. Most kart mechanical brakes have a second brake cable in case the primary one snaps!

Events / Re: VSCC Meeting Silverstone
« on: 20 Apr 23, 02:09 pm »
Great news that we have a garage as the weather looks to be changeable on Saturday. Took the tarp off Jane this afternoon and she has got through the winter quite well. She even started up on old E10 🤗. Gave her a quick polish and just need to finish off the safety checks and do the tyre pressures on her and the trailer then check the trailer lights. Hope to be there about 9 myself.
Re dropping the car off the night before, from experience there will be many competitors arriving on the Friday, so getting in should not be a problem as long as you have a ticket. Note that the garage may be in use for the testing on Friday but are usually vacated by 18:00.  However, whilst the garages at Silverstone are not usually locked there is a possibility that ours may be locked when you get there.

Where to get stuff / Re: Torsion Springs
« on: 18 Apr 23, 07:18 am »
LOL, I'd gone off on a complete tangent there, thought you were talking about suspension torsion bars 🤭

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