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Where to get stuff / Re: Torsion Springs
« on: 17 Apr 23, 08:23 pm »
Hi Stefan, I used to make anti-roll bars for my race cars from thick wall steel hydraulic tube. This is readily available in 3m lengths and not too difficult to bend. I reckon you could make reasonable torsion springs for a Cyclekart from this. I can dig out some formulae if your interested.

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 22 Mar 23, 05:34 pm »
Yes please. Will be there early on Saturday to help with setting it up and camping Saturday night 🤗

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 06 Mar 23, 05:18 pm »
That's great Jim, really coming on well

Where to get stuff / Re: Indespension Spring
« on: 21 Jan 23, 06:20 pm »
You can buy spring steel cheap on eBay, etc. so was thinking annealing it, then shaping a d drilling, then getting it tempered.  Rather than forming the eye ends was going to weld some tubes to tangs and then bolt onto the end.  Just an idea at the moment, but expect to do some proper investigation in Spring (no pun intended) 🤣

Events / Re: Builders' Meet - 18th Jan
« on: 20 Jan 23, 06:29 pm »
Hi Andy, personally I just liked the open format and just seeing where the discussion went, however this may become difficult to manage as numbers grow.

Where to get stuff / Re: Indespension Spring
« on: 20 Jan 23, 06:24 pm »
Thanks Stefan for posting all the dimensions and resultant spring rates. I will be looking at building a second cycle kart as soon as my current project (class 7 classic trials car) is finished. The new CK will have a transverse fron t leaf spring and I will be looking for about 120 lbs/ inch spring rate, so.I now have good idea from your measurements.  I am currently thinking about making my own leaf springs and bolting on the eye ends as the loads are lower on A CK

Off Topic / Re: Wheel alignment.
« on: 14 Dec 22, 04:15 pm »
That's a good and accurate way of doing it.  The trailer for my CK is a converted trailer tent and it sits in a box with the top of the sides at axle height. So easy to centralise CK in box by measuring to the hubs and then measure to the wheels to set the toe.

Build journals / Re: 1936 Austin 7 twin cam racer
« on: 04 Dec 22, 12:58 pm »
Some great work there, a lot more accurate than mine, can't wait to see it in the metal 🤗😎😁

Have sent you a text Jim with my details

Looks like a great itinerary and really looking forward to this 😁

Thanks for the info and replies. Will give this a miss as probably the only CK there and have an option on something else that weekend as well 🤗

Thanks Chris are you or anyone else going?
Also had a PM off Darren

I would be interested in this but was wondering who else would be going and if they are staying over on the Saturday night?
Also is the exhibitor camping next to our display area, and does the free entry extend to your partner?
Is anyone else going to this?

Tech Forum / Re: CDI ignition
« on: 30 Sep 22, 08:44 pm »
So there's no load sensing then, I guess it will just be a simple 2D rpm advance map. Not a bad price if it works as a Megajolt or Nodiz is more than that, but they will support a 3D map

Tech Forum / Re: CDI ignition
« on: 30 Sep 22, 07:40 pm »
Looks good Jim and variable timing would certainly be an improvement. I imagine it will need a power supply, crank sensor and something to measure load such as a MAP or TPS sensor,

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