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Hi Jim, can you give me a call on 07724 194717 when your free 🤗

Hi Jim, how long have we got the track for and are the transponders included?
I will be coming, and do the you have an idea of total numbers? I will have a think about possibilities 🤗

Tech Forum / Re: Safe-D-Speeder planetary gear?
« on: 20 Sep 22, 01:12 pm »
If your looking for a 2:1 ratio then many years ago I saw a short oval racer that had two parallel steering columns with one driving the other via a timing chain and cam / cranks gears which are 2:1.

Build journals / Re: 1936 Austin 7 twin cam racer
« on: 28 Aug 22, 05:48 pm »
Thanks Stefan, looking forward to lots of fun with you all🤗😁

Very interested in doing this, just need to get some more experience of driving Jane and doing some adjustments, which should happen at Sywell. Need to know fuel usage, fuel endurance, any evident symptoms of low fuel, tyre wear, brake wear, what spares I will need, etc.
Even if Jane turns out to be not quite ready for what looks to be an arduous event, then can probably come along to assist with the event 🤗

Hi Jim, form sent organisers and have received confirmation of receipt.  Club Membership form and cheque went in the post yesterday. 
Will be camping all weekend arriving Friday afternoon, so available to help with any setting up for the club stand.
Will those of us camping be pitched next to each other?
Looking forward to meeting everyone and the CK contraptions 🤗😁

CK number register / Re: Race Number Register
« on: 24 Aug 22, 07:55 pm »
Forgot to give the reason for  number 7A,. Austin 7 = 7A. Also cars n Team events cars were identified by the team number and  individual cars in the team by letters. Raced in some great team events (Birkett 6 hour relay and MGCC Heritage relay as car A

CK number register / Re: Race Number Register
« on: 22 Aug 22, 04:44 pm »
Hi, as posted on the Facebook page my CK (1936 Austin 7 twin-cam) called Jane is now up and running.  I have just posted my membership application and will be attending Sywell. If it's allowed to have a mix of numbers and letters please could I have 7A.  Thanks, Ian Fletcher.

Build journals / Re: 1932 Strupp Miller Special
« on: 07 May 22, 07:14 pm »
That looks great, I like the way the grille is behind the axle.  I cant see how much body there is behind the seat from those photos.  Will there be enough space to get the axle, engine and transmission in?

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 07 May 22, 07:10 pm »
thats looking great  8)

Tech Forum / Re: Reverse
« on: 07 May 22, 09:00 am »
If it wont work, then an adaptation of your analogy of a ratchet may work.  Have the drive and driven sprocket with a chain, but no freewheel, just simply rotating in either direction.  But weld a socket on the driven sprocket, then just insert a ratchet into the socket when you want to reverse.

Tech Forum / Re: Reverse
« on: 06 May 22, 07:36 pm »
Wow Peter, thats a very impressive set-up youve got  8)

Tech Forum / Re: Reverse
« on: 06 May 22, 07:33 pm »
It would just be like a bike, drive sprocket at the pivot of the dummy handbrake lever driving a driven sprocket somewhere on the axle and a small bike chain.  I guess the bike hub and sprocket could be at either the driver or driven sprocket. My lad often hits 40mph on some downhill runs where he lives in the Alps.

Tech Forum / Re: Reverse
« on: 06 May 22, 07:07 pm »
Yeah, a ratchet is a good analogy.  A simple rear hub off a pushbike and a bike chain would do the trick.  It would freewheel when the engine is driving the kart and engage for reverse when your pulling on the lever.

Tech Forum / Re: EXHAUSTS
« on: 06 May 22, 07:04 pm »
Thanks guys, good to hear some personal experience, will definately be making my own now.

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