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Thanks for organising this, I will be there and will be camping :)

Events / Re: Brooklands Era Relived 9th July 2022
« on: 25 Apr 22, 08:51 am »
Yes, me too please, especially as the Austin 7 twin-cam used to race at Brooklands.  Mine may not be painted by then but it should be running and have the fibreglass nose and rear upper body done. 

Where to get stuff / Re: SPROCKETS FOR 35 CHAIN
« on: 20 Apr 22, 11:06 am »
Thanks Rhys, phoned Kartstore and not only do they have the sprocket I need, it will also fit my existing sprocket carrier, so a great result  ;D  This is a major obstacle out of my way and I can proceed with tying the reax axle to the chassis.

Tech Forum / Re: Pedals
« on: 20 Apr 22, 10:46 am »
With a CK, I think its more to do with available space in a narrow nose for central steering column.

Not sure what proper karters do, but when in a fun kart its allways best when starting to hold the kart on the brake  and bring the revs up enough to start the centrifugal clutch dragging, then release the brakes and floor the accelerator when the flag drops.  Dont let the staff see you doing this though or youll get a boll*cking!

« on: 20 Apr 22, 10:34 am »
Thanks Bill,  I was looking at the parts Screwfix do and the 92.5 degree bend looks more swept back than the 90 degree bend.  Did you use paint for plastic, or just the usual rattle can paint?

Build journals / Re: ANOTHER AUSTIN 7 TWIN CAM
« on: 20 Apr 22, 10:22 am »
Thanks for all your comments  ;D

The chassis is being built up from leftover lengths of tube from my race cars rather than specific requirements for a Cyclekart.  The chassis is multi-tubular and not a spaceframe, lozenging will be prevented by a stressed alloy skin rivetted to the frame.  Main tubes are 3/4" box 18swg. the vertical tube by my hips is 2"x1" 16swg tube (trailing arms for axle attach to these).  Cross tube at rear that the engine frame ties onto and that also braces the rear of the trailing arms is 1.5" x 1" 16swg box.  The curved hoops are 1/2" 18swg tube. 

« on: 19 Apr 22, 07:44 pm »
Do you use the solvent jointed kind?  Also do you do anything to make them look less plastic?

« on: 19 Apr 22, 07:04 pm »
I have seen some photos of CKs with dummy exhausts and they appear to have been made from 40mm plastic waste pipe parts!  Is this correct and does anyone on here have any experience of doing this?

Build journals / ANOTHER AUSTIN 7 TWIN CAM
« on: 19 Apr 22, 06:27 pm »
Hi all,

I thought it was about time I properly introduced myself and started my build blog.

My name is Ian, but most people from the RAF or motor racing know me as Billy (long story).  I'm in my mid 60s and was in the RAF as an aircraft technician for 35 years, then a project manager and engineer restoring warbirds (Hurricane and 2 Spitfires, and now work as a logistics and maintenance engineer.

In my spare time I like anything vehicle orientated and have built a couple of kit cars and designed and built my own racing cars.  I was the Competition Secretary for the RAF Motor Sports Association for many years and managed a Sprint track, a Speed championship and a Racing championship.  I think you guys have a fantastic thing going on here and I would gladly assist wherever possible (I have various safety cases, regulations, forms etc that can be easily adapted to your use and would be willing to share these with you).

Anyhow enough blabbing on about myself, so I have attached a PDF of where I am with my Cyclekart.
Also many thanks for all the info people have posted on the forum and the many informed answers I have received to my queries  8) ;D


Where to get stuff / Re: SPROCKETS FOR 35 CHAIN
« on: 19 Apr 22, 06:11 pm »
thanks, thats greatly appreciated.  I am finding that a lot of kart shops product descriptions are lacking detail.  I presume thats because experienced karters know the manufacturers and their products inside out.  Consequently difficult to do usefull searches using technical data.

Hi again, what CVT transmissions are people using?  I am looking to use the Comet 30 Series, but see that it has a power rating of 2 to 8hp.  However, I believe a Stage 1 GX200 pushes out about 10hp, so was wondering if people are using the 30 Series and how they have got any issues with them such as clutch/belt slipping?

Where to get stuff / Re: SPROCKETS FOR 35 CHAIN
« on: 19 Apr 22, 03:42 pm »
hi Stefan,

i bought a Cadet kart (minus engine and wheels) last week, so was looking to find a kart sprocket that would fit the existing sprocket carrier.  They have them in Australia but not apparently in the UK.  Consequently, next step is to use industrial sprockets, but these seem to have a small bore.  Found ones with 3/4" bores so far, so looking for ones with larger bores.  May possibly have to enlarge the bore to suit.  Kart ones are still my preferred option though if i can find some.

Events / Re: Red Lodge Practice Day Wed April 27th
« on: 19 Apr 22, 12:38 pm »
This is only about 20 miles from where I work, so hoping to come down and meet some Cyclekarters.  Looking to be down during the middle session for fast karts so I dont disturb your activities with all my questions  ;D

Where to get stuff / SPROCKETS FOR 35 CHAIN
« on: 19 Apr 22, 12:20 pm »
Hi all,  I have come up with a bit of a stopper on my Cyclekart (promise to start a build-blog as soon as I have some spare time).  I want to use a 35 chain but struggling to find suitable driven sprockets (about 75T to 80T).  I have found some in Australia but postage is £58!!!!!!  Does anyone know where I can get some in the UK?

Mine has a multi-tube steel chassis/frame skinned with 20swg L165 aircraft grade aluminium (because there are several sheets of it in my workshop).  Aluminium will be rivetted onto the frame at a pitch of about 1".   I will start a build blog later this week hopefully, just so short of time at the moment.

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