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Build journals / Re: 1936 Austin 7 twin cam racer
« on: 06 Apr 23, 05:26 am »
That's a fine looking machine Peter. You should be real proud and give yourself a big pat on the back. Are you bringing it to the Star and garter event? It will make a great addition to the line up of Austins that are already going.

Hi everyone. This is the first track meeting of the year and it is a great circuit for cyclekarts. Get your membership, Nora license and sign up for a cracking day in your CK. The more the merrier. Spectators are also welcome to see the CK's in action.

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 05 Apr 23, 04:55 pm »
Things are moving along well with the organisation of this event. We are trying to capture a vintage atmosphere and there will be vintage Motorsport banners, bunting, festoon lights which should be great for photos of karts and drivers. (Please wear your vintage kit so you look the part). Anyone who wants to be involved please let me know either as a Marshall/helper or driver. Btw drivers need to be a club member and have a Nora license. This is going to be an incredible weekend and the best fun with a bloody good bunch of people. We're looking forward to seeing you there.

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 05 Apr 23, 03:14 pm »
Andy has done another fantastic poster for the event. Please share.

Build journals / Re: Something different.
« on: 05 Apr 23, 12:17 pm »
Got a bit more done.

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 02 Apr 23, 05:31 am »
Hi Andy, (Dunn). It will be much appreciated If Jane or anyone else for that matter wants to help  marshal. There is a free online course that gives you a certificate for marshalling.

Build journals / Re: Frazer Nash Norris Special
« on: 02 Apr 23, 05:21 am »
That's looking pretty mean, low and cool. Hope you can get it done for Stretton and we can have a good race around.

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 27 Mar 23, 05:56 am »
That's great Andy and jane, Only the driver needs to pay and enter using the regs from Chris Slade. Any help on the sat/Sun will be appreciated.

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 26 Mar 23, 07:16 am »
It would be nice if we had a couple of trophys to hand out at the end. To save some money, I am happy to make one or two like I did at Whilton, probably using old engine bits and the like. If anyone else wants to knock something up then post on here and we'll hopefully get enough to have one for the different races/games. e.g. I have some old valves that I could bend into weird shapes for a bent valve trophy for the kart that broke down the most or something like that.

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 24 Mar 23, 05:43 am »
For application forms please contact Chris Slade at and he will send you one.

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 24 Mar 23, 05:40 am »
Hi Glynn, Glad your coming. Yes there is space for your little caravan.

Events / East Midlands Steam and Country Show.
« on: 23 Mar 23, 05:20 am »
A couple of us are taking our CK's to this show at the end of April and will be promoting the CKGB. There may be a possibility of some demo's in the arena but not confirmed yet. There is loads going on and good beer tent selling gorgeous pints of frothy ale.
see link below. (if it works)

Build journals / Re: Dodge baquet ish build.
« on: 23 Mar 23, 05:01 am »
I had a look over the old girl(the cyclekart) last night and It needs a couple of hours spending on it replacing some spokes, fixing a small oil leak from the crankcase gasket and putting the temp gauge back on the radiator shell. This is the same temp gauge we drove round Whilton track looking for. I will have to get a move on with it to be ready for Stretton in 5 weeks and East Midlands Steam show in 37 days.

Build journals / Re: ERA R6B
« on: 23 Mar 23, 04:49 am »
looking good Tim and I like your Mag Base. :) An Ideal tool for that application.

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« on: 23 Mar 23, 04:43 am »
That's great, Tim and Ian. I will add you to the list.
Also if anyone wants to come along on Saturday/Sunday to help set up and have a few beers after would be very welcome.
We will need marshals ect on the Sunday.
This is the only event this year that is solely run by the CKGB and your support is greatly appreciated.

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