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Build journals / Re: Steering Wheel . Dashboard
« on: 26 Feb 23, 08:13 am »
Nice Job Nick . Well done.

Design Files / Re: Wheel Nut Spinners
« on: 22 Feb 23, 05:51 pm »
Look Great,  Glynn . Do i spy a Green painted body , behind those wheels ?  ;D

Build journals / Re: Steering Wheel
« on: 19 Feb 23, 04:32 pm »
Looks Great  ;D, but think String and varnish would really add the finishing touch. ......Oops , sorry to add to your work list

Off Topic / Re: Bonora radiator/fuel cap.
« on: 19 Feb 23, 09:42 am »
Wow !! So Impressed with all of you 3D Masters.....Keep it up  ;D

Build journals / Re: Steering Wheel . Dashboard
« on: 18 Feb 23, 09:54 pm »
Good work Nick. Like the old dash clocks too  ;D

Where to get stuff / Re: Leaf Springs
« on: 14 Feb 23, 08:28 pm »
Fantastic work Mark.   Well done.

Where to get stuff / Re: Leaf Springs
« on: 10 Feb 23, 06:01 pm »
Hi Mark , Great job on these , Well done.

Put me down for a pair also

Events / Re: Builders' Meet - 18th Jan
« on: 19 Jan 23, 06:04 pm »
Many thanks for organising the builders meet last night.

I needed a nudge to get things of the drawing board and start a mock-up.

I will look at the where to get stuff, but see that Motorcycle Products have C90 wheels in stock.

On that topic I could do with a pointer on do I go for all rear wheels, front and rear and do I need a speed take off hub? As I say I will did into the getting stuff site.

Many thanks

Hi Ian , Welcome to the Forum and glad you found the "First On-line" Builders meet useful.
 I have sent you a PM in case you wanted to see / chat with local Ck builders.
Regards, Chris

Forum Members / Re: New member paulb
« on: 06 Jan 23, 05:37 pm »
Welcome Paul, Glad you read the L7 post .

Chris L

Forum Members / Re: New member Chaz
« on: 06 Jan 23, 05:16 pm »
Welcome Chaz, I could be even nearer to you than Glynn , if it's of any help .

 I am just over Devon border in Chard area.

Welcome to pop in for Ck chat n cuppa, Then we could run up to see Glynn's, That way you get to see two Cyclekarts  ;D

Chris L

Off Topic / Re: Christmas Greetings
« on: 24 Dec 22, 07:08 pm »
Thank you Stefan , Graham and Team.  Well its Christmas Eve ....Here's wishing everyone a Great day tomorrow and a Fantastic and exciting New Year .

Thanks again for all the help , support and friendship

Chris L

Build journals / Re: 1932 Strupp Miller Special
« on: 17 Nov 22, 04:25 pm »
Some great work on that front end  ;D. Phillip.     Well Done !!

Thank you all. It has been another brilliant fun season of events and shows. This is such an added bonus

Big Hand to Stefan for correlating the various event results and getting them off to Carlos.

I must admit , i didn't think the Final points tally, would fall this this side of the pond.

Lovely Suprise !

Chris L

Where to get stuff / Re: Where to get stuff vendor list.
« on: 13 Oct 22, 08:22 pm »
Great Supplier List....Nice One  ;D

Indy Burger for me please Jim.  Thanks

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