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Where to get stuff / Leaf Springs
« on: 29 Aug 20, 02:59 pm »
Does anyone need to order any leaf springs ?

 I have been in touch with Midland Motor Springs (thank you Stefan) and they are trying to find the original order/dimensions. I have given them approx dimensions

Would work out more economic/good business to order several sets perhaps .

Do you still have any paperwork from them Stefan ?

Chris L

Where to get stuff / Re: Pit Bike Wheels and tyres sets
« on: 06 Aug 20, 05:03 pm »
Hi All,  I heard back from the French company Wkx, selling good priced 17 in Front wheels.  Yes they are 35mm O/dia bearing .....the good news.

The bad news.....The won't post to Uk   ???.... 

   Any one fancy a French holiday n bring back a Van load of wheels at 29 Euros each  :D

Oh well, worth a try.


Tech Forum / Re: Limited slip freewheel
« on: 26 Jul 20, 09:08 pm »
Thanks Adrian.  Will do .


Tech Forum / Re: Limited slip freewheel
« on: 25 Jul 20, 10:06 pm »
Are we saying this will only work on the pit bike wheels ,  Different construction on Honda type wheels ?

I ask this as i am picking up some Kart parts in a couple weeks  :), including wheels and not sure what they are yet.

Thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome. As it was my first "Real life / In the flesh" intro into into Ck , having only seen pictures until that brilliant Wednesday .
Also many thanks to Graham and Andy B who were brave enough to let me "out" in their Karts, excellent fun  ;D

Thank you again , Chris

Where to get stuff / Re: Pit Bike Wheels and tyres sets
« on: 04 Jul 20, 10:47 pm »
We buy our Pit Bike wheels + - 28 € in this shop
Maybe look at the cost of transportation ....

Thanks .  Had a look at your recommended site .  Would that be the "Steel Front 17" axis 15 mm you use ?  Part number 0410300200114

For sale and wanted / Re: 4 x New CycleKarts for Sale
« on: 27 Jun 20, 09:42 am »
Are the Karts still for sale Andy ?

Forum Members / Re: New member sylvaman
« on: 25 Jun 20, 09:33 pm »
Hi GT, Thank you for your welcome and chassis offer.  :)

 Coincidentally or not (as he seems to be the man to be the "Man with the Plan" ) I have also been in touch with Rhys to see what he has for sale.

What can you tell me about the chassis , how far along is it (Build wise) ?

Best regards, chris

Forum Members / Re: New member sylvaman
« on: 24 Jun 20, 10:20 pm »
Hi Stefan, well as my Intro mentioned , I do have a liking of the British ERA and Italian Racing machinery , such as Alfa.
 Do like the look of boat tail cars

 But am impressed with all the builds on here. Have looked at the American website too , some great cars.

I am not on Facebook , but could be tempted to join , for info etc .

Is it it Rhysn on here who has cars for sale ?

May be interested in a started chassis , or something that can be re-bodied perhaps .

Forum Members / Re: New member sylvaman
« on: 24 Jun 20, 09:49 pm »
Hi and thank you for the welcome.  I am down in the South west near Taunton. Do you have any other members , builders or owners in this area ?

I have built several kit cars over the years , have a love of classics , especially old race cars . Visited Goodwood revival many times , drool over the racing Alfas, ERA etc . Very interested in what you guys are doing .
Think the idea of a Buddy system on here is very good to help with builds.

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