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I don't know if anyone else is going Ian.

I don't think i can make it.

Hi Ian , Just had a chat with Darren. It's free entry for two .

 Camping is similar distance to Sywell (ie over the road) .

This is the form to download and fill out. Email to;

Latest is tomorrow 7pm (Wed)

At Sywell,  we as a club were invited to the Historic Rally Festival at Weston Park . Shropshire.

 It's a celebration of Historic Rally cars from the 60's to 2009. (So if you like your Escorts and Audi's ) .
Live Rally Stage. Action doesn't start until 5pm Saturday. Plus evening fireworks /Music, Food and drink.

Free entry  (with CycleKart) and camping as an exhibitor .  Contact Darren or Myself for entry form.   

Will the Hour long Endurance event ; earn us World Champs Points , Stefan ?

Chris L

Tech Forum / Re: Front suspension
« on: 17 Sep 22, 10:55 am »
Are they not twin a frame torsion bars in the front end?

... ALfa Cyclekart vid...

... Torsion bar out of 3/8" socket extension ...
Note to Builders; This type of Double wishbone / "A" Arm Independent suspension set up is not within CKGB  Rules and Guidelines, more suited to Post War Race cars of the Colin Chapman era.   Please see section 3 and read the Rationale 3.5.  Builders are asked to follow the Pre war inspiration car for type of suspension.

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 16 Sep 22, 08:15 pm »
Nice one Jim ....Congratulations

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 15 Sep 22, 11:24 am »
Great job , Jim .   Pleased you are Flying the club flag  ;D

Oops ....Nearly forgot .....We have our very own " King of the BEACH" .   Jim T

Yes was massive amounts of Fun !! 

Most of us did 14 "Runs" / Sprints over the two days,  against fellow CK's and other vehicles. 

You were able to challenge anyone .      Plus all the amazing "Cruisin"  where we did formation drivin on Sunday  ;D.

You are right , it was quite low key / relaxed.  Credit to the Lundy Flyers .

Chris L

 ;D ;D  So true, the great Mr Chapman did !

I even had him personally autograph my old Elise  ;) he he he......I don't think so .

My Sevens gettin "Jiggy with it"   

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 26 Aug 22, 08:07 pm »
Think this pic may help you Peter , Ref sizing. Its a standard 2 bike trailer. (with a separate chassis. ie not reliant on skids for strength) .
I just bolted the "Skids" as far out as poss to suit our CK track.

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 21 Aug 22, 08:22 pm »
Number 5 Is Alive !!   ;D ;D......Nice One

Build journals / Re: Bugatti Type 37 Build
« on: 20 Aug 22, 03:50 pm »
Lookin Good S  ;D.   ;D

Build journals / Re: BSA 3 wheeler.
« on: 18 Aug 22, 01:21 pm »
Big Moment !!   Well Done  ;D

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