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Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« Last post by Moogie38 (Noel) on 09 Jun 23, 12:37 pm »
Wish I could attend this one. It sounds like it will be a blast.
Just thinking,  do you have any way to water the track ? With all this dry weather we have lately it could get quite dusty.
Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« Last post by Ian F on 09 Jun 23, 12:24 pm »
just finished fitting the new wheels and tyres to Jane, then completed all the safely checks, so just need to put the panels back on and put her back on the trailer.  We have mini firepit but can't find it at the moment🤔
Will be there between 11 and 12 tomorrow to help set up 🤗😎
Tech Forum / Re: Brake line lock, hand brake
« Last post by Konrad on 09 Jun 23, 09:26 am »
That's a great idea. Shame it wont pass IVA tho... at least not as the only parking brake.
Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« Last post by jim on 09 Jun 23, 05:53 am »
Hi Andy, 12ish should be great if you can get there then. I think we'll probably have a lunch break about 1. It should be a lot of fun and giggles on Sat without having to work too hard and flog ourselves to a heart attack. Sunday should be a relaxed fun day with some semi competitive driving in short heats. There'll be plenty of breaks between for refreshments and socialising.
 I was checking the field last night and it's looking tip top for us. With the grass cut it makes the camping area bigger than I thought and I'm sure we are going to have a fab night with mucho banter.
 I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up which should settle my nerves hopefully because they're shot with worry about this event failing. This is the first solely run CKGB event and it's been a mountain of work for me, luckily I have had support from a few CKGB members and The Rushden Lambretta Club.
Only two more sleeps and one of those will be on site.
Where to get stuff / Performance air filter
« Last post by Moogie38 (Noel) on 09 Jun 23, 01:25 am »
Where is everyone getting your performance air filter and adaptor from ? At the moment I can only find the Gx Tuning Store and Pit Bikes stocking them. Ebay has the usual Chinese ones but I would rather buy local.
Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« Last post by Andy Dunn on 08 Jun 23, 10:40 pm »
What time are you planning on getting there Saturday to set up Jim, hopefully I should be there by 12ish
If you send me some pictures of your trailer suspension units I will try and identify them and see if I can get hold of any for you.   

I am well connected in the trailer world  :) ;)
My attendance is currently entirely hinging on wether or not I can find some new suspension units for my trailer, as the old ones are totally shot and I don’t really want to chance 3 years work smashing up on the motorway. I’ll get the form and monies in tomorrow as insurance in case I can get it sorted, but we’ll have to see as to wether or not I actually make it down on the Sunday. I’ll be in Belfast on Saturday for a wedding, so I’ve got till Friday the 16th to get it all sorted.
Tech Forum / Re: Brake line lock, hand brake
« Last post by synthpunk on 08 Jun 23, 10:03 pm »
Ive fitted one of those as well. I’ve heard they don’t like being ‘on’ for too long- they heat up and then lose pressure... But for a temporary lock on the wheels apparently they’re fine.

The plan with mine is to bang it on, hop out the car and connect a couple bungee cords from the rear wheel spokes to the steering wheel, then release the pressure. Et voila- parked….. And for the vice-versa scenario; reach in, press the footbrake by hand, pop on the lock, remove the bungees, climb in, release the lock and then wahey were off….
Events / Re: Summer events.
« Last post by Moogie38 (Noel) on 08 Jun 23, 08:02 pm »
No problem Jim, thank you.  Looks like I'm going to have to wait until Sywell in September.  🙁
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