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Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« Last post by jim on 20 May 23, 05:30 am »
Thanks for the info Glynn, Much Appreciated, I will print it off and pass it on to the commentator. I am just waiting for the rest of the entries, so get writing some old cobblers chaps and send it to me.
Events / Brooklands Relived Featuring the Double Twelve 17/18th June
« Last post by StefanN on 19 May 23, 07:40 pm »
Bookings will shortly be open for the Brooklands Relived event featuring the Double Twelve on 17th/18th June

In the museum’s words - “Come and enjoy this two-day extravaganza, featuring the Double Twelve Competition events, Test Hill ascents, great food, music and entertainment for the whole family.

The event celebrates Brooklands’ rich motoring and motorsport history, and is always held on the weekend closest to the anniversary of the original opening of the racetrack on the 17th June 1907.
Get ready for a day of spectacular displays and competition as we welcome vehicles to compete in the Double Twelve Speed Trials. Head over to Mercedes-Benz World and watch as 19-classes of vehicles compete for the best result in these heralded timed-trials, and then later, peruse the paddocks at the Museum for some truly exceptional examples of motor-vehicles.
Both days will feature festival fun on the Museum site, with live music, car and motor club displays and family entertainment.”
Once again, we’ve been invited by Brooklands Museum to join this historic event.  This is the first year in this new format combining the Double Twelve and Relived.  Based on previous events we might expect a larger crowd on the Sunday.
On Saturday, as part of the Double Twelve Time Trials, we will have an opportunity to do a display lap or two of the Mercedes World Test Track at lunchtime.  We may also be invited to do some display laps on the start finish straight.

On Sunday, we will do exhibition laps of the start-finish straight with commentary, simulated race mass starts and have a chance to conquer Test Hill.

On both days we will have a display stand with our cyclekarts and we make an effort to look the part in period attire.

Whenever we’ve been to Brooklands, the crowd has loved the cyclekart displays and we always get a great reaction.  Plus, of course, there’s the chance to look around the fabulous collection of cars, bikes and planes at the museum.

You can do both days or just one and the cost is just £10 per cyclekart for the weekend!

Entry forms and event details will be available to members later this month, please email Chris at to register your interest and receive forms as soon as they are released.
Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« Last post by Glynn on 19 May 23, 04:50 pm »
Hi Jim,
I've just started putting this together for the website.  I will be at the Star & Garter event so you can pick out anything useful for the commentary.
Looking forward to seeing you there.
Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« Last post by Graham Hill on 19 May 23, 12:32 pm »
NEWS !! Baffled experts descend upon sleepy Northamptonshire village after irregular crop circles appear in pub field.
Tech Forum / Re: 219 chain vs 35 chain
« Last post by RhysN on 19 May 23, 09:43 am »
Interesting article Stefan.
It says not used by 4 stroke racers, yet almost all the endurance racing karts with2 Honda 160s (modified)  use it for the 24 hour and other endurance events. Then again the article is from Australia :) ;D
Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« Last post by RhysN on 19 May 23, 09:38 am »
Great work by the venue team.
Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« Last post by Jimr1999 on 19 May 23, 06:47 am »
Commentary for mine Jim, sorry I can't make it :-(

" Well the cyclekart known as slippery Jim is nowhere in sight! Literally nowhere to be seen at all, added stealth technology by the driver painting his kart with blended octopus and chameleon corpses  makes it hard for the opposition to see just how well he's doing! His driver skillfully avoids all photographic evidence as he probably rounds the bends with great aplomb and not much of a to-do, we think. The plucky three wheeler is powered by three hamsters in a wheel coaxed gently around with a copy of play-hamster on a string at idle and uses a vicious pixie dressed in bondage gear as a cox when the accelerator is floored - we hear he may acquire a mystic supercharger for future events. Apart from enjoying Viking re-enactment and the illegal transportation of small Australian birds hidden in lycra, the driver, also known by the alias Jim, pingu (for some unknown reason) and Ivar Thor-Heilbo, has been driving for nearly a season and is gaining momentum - slowly, and we mean slowly"

Slippery Jim is proudly sponsored by Albert Fegworthys' seaside emporium and general knick-knackery.

Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« Last post by jim on 19 May 23, 06:00 am »
We have a commentator for the races so can the people who are bringing a kart to the S&G please give me some info on your Kart and yourselves. It doesn't need to be serious or to fact heavy. I can always make up stuff about you if you can't think of what to write. So get your details to me ASAP.
Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« Last post by dunworkin on 18 May 23, 05:57 pm »
Good job chaps, better check all my nuts are tight and lock up my axle.
Events / Re: The Star and Garter Charity Grand Prix
« Last post by Andy_B on 18 May 23, 11:28 am »
A little video to amuse you all and to see the track and what to expect for the S&G GP
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