Author Topic: Knee Replacement.  (Read 60 times)


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Knee Replacement.
« on: 09 Aug 22, 02:17 pm »
I had to see the doctor recently about my slightly worn knee and he said I can have a replacement in two weeks. The NHS is the greatest  organisation and so well run to be able to give such a quick service but it will stop me going to the Lundy Flyers event so I said no. I will re-schedule it at my own convenience.

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Re: Knee Replacement.
« Reply #1 on: 09 Aug 22, 03:39 pm »
You lucky man. Mine, bone on bone,  was scheduled for March 13th 2 1/2 years ago, obviously cancelled, and not yet rescheduled. I'm told it's very dependant where you live. According to the NHS figures put out today, I am one of 168 people who are waiting AT ALL.
Bah Humbug.
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