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Re: Front suspension
« on: 19 Sep 22, 10:18 am »
Ok, Ok, lets try and answer some questions

Stef...the inspiration car is a 1938 ERA 'E' type GP1.
Sorry to Jim for any confusion, the Maserati is as finished as it's ever going to be, admittedly in a few pieces at the moment.
The reason for the original enquiry is, as anyone who has had a go in my Masser knows, the pedals are in a shall we say 'unique' position, however they make Xan sit too low, if I change them to suit him, I can't get in it let alone drive it. Can't make the pedal position adjustable because of a reinforcing bar in what is now the wrong seemed like a good idea at the time...DOH!
So Xan and I have decided to build a new CK, one to suit both of us, with pedals that are adjustable, thanks to a  car seat adjusting mechanism I have going spare. My first attempt at building a CK was GP1 so seems a good time to go back and give her another go.

The GP1 has twin trailing arms front suspension, a unusual arraignment worthy of copying if easy to achieve with my meager/none existent skills.