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Author Topic: spoke ripped out of rim on pit bike wheel  (Read 245 times)


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Re: spoke ripped out of rim on pit bike wheel
« Reply #15 on: 19 Aug 22, 08:30 pm »
I'm not offended, just amused. Rod and flux for nought, posted to you. Equally I have a steering wheel on the "Where to get things/for sale" and 4 folks have posted that they have bought from Fleabay. I just find it amusing.
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Re: spoke ripped out of rim on pit bike wheel
« Reply #16 on: 31 Aug 22, 05:38 pm »

In the end I just fitted a domed washer inside the rim, pulling it tight into the dip with a nipple threaded through it and tightened to the end of a spoke.

I domed the washer by fitting it over the conical head of one of my tin bashing hammers in lieu of a mandrel, put the washer on the top of a vice with the cone between the sides, then tapping the back of the hammer with another.

The great thing is, no brazing or welding needed.

I took it along to a mate who is a motorbike mechanic, and he inspected the repair before putting the tyre on. He said it was a good repair.
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